Meet Nebulossa, the electropop group that lands at Benidorm Fest 2024 after passing through the San Marino Festival

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  • Benidorm Fest 2024: these are the 16 participants who will compete to go to Eurovision

Benidorm Fest 2024 It has already set in motion the first key wheel of its gear. Taking advantage of the spectacular setting offered by the 24th edition of the Latin Grammys 2023 – which for the first time leaves the United States to be held in our country and, specifically, in Seville -, RTVE has presented the 16 full participants who will fight for win the bronze microphone and, ultimately, they will have the responsibility and honor of representing Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

One of those candidates is Nebula, an electropop duo from Alicante currently formed by MarĂ­a Bas and Mark Dasousa. The group was born in 2018 after “a chance meeting in an elevator of old acquaintances.” Two years later, he released his debut single, Beehive. Since then, they have released several singles and an album: Polyhedral of Mein 2021, which contains topics such as glam, Last night and Red Navy.

Likewise, they have traveled throughout the country offering live concerts in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Alicante, Málaga, Castellón, Ponferrada and Lugo.

This 2023, The band has prepared a new project titled Virturrosism. From this EP we already know three of its singles, which keep the same color palette of bright tones, a retro and disco aesthetic that transports us to the 80s. You put me at 1000Without going any further, it presents the vocalist as Jane Fonda herself, queen of aerobics and gymnastics routines. However, MarĂ­a Bas could perfectly be our homeland Kylie Minogue.

Simple, but catchy lyrics—that penetrate and are burned into your head, perhaps like the one that says: “Nocheo-chen-tera…”—, which talk about the mundane and the everyday. Something that could remind us, in comparison and for placing us in the wide range of artists who have passed through the Benidorm Fest, with Ow mom by Rigoberta Bandini. Will Nebulossa achieve the same impact and expectation among Eurofans with his song?

He gave me porn, her latest single released on September 29, plays with the impact of the word, to vindicate the freedom and individuality of women. “It gave me porn to follow your footsteps. Being your failure has given me porn. It has given me porn to follow your trail. It has given me porn to be the one you expect. Being your slave has given me porn. She has given me porn to be the one she loves. She has given me porn to follow you more, never pretend, never look back.”is the last chorus of the song.

The motto with which they define themselves is: “We make MPYMS (a lot of pop and a lot of synth)”. Its main references range from OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), to Joy Division or Alan Parsons.

Nebulossa already tried to go to Eurovision… for San Marino

At the end of 2022, Nebulossa participated in Una voce per San Marino, the musical contest that chooses the song that represents this independent state located in northern Italy. The band presented two proposals, Glam and Anoche, to travel to Liverpool and represent San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. What would have happened if we had had double Spanish (and Valencian) representation in Liverpool, with this group and Blanca Paloma?

Finally, the group was left at the gates of the last phase, but thanks to this experience, the duo already knows what these types of competitions are like (and how they work), even if it is on a small scale at the production level. Something that can work in your favor… And you, have you heard Nebulossa yet?


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