XFACTOR 2023 report cards and live commentary from the semi-finals. EMMA guest of the evening 🔴

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It’s time for the semi-finals, this evening at

An inside or outside episode characterized by a triple elimination, which will therefore lead to the proclamation of the four official finalists of this edition.



Angelica – He tries his hand at Vasco and the over-sung “Sally”. She bets everything on her heart, her safe haven. Even though Mannoia’s version of the same song resonates in the mind, we can admit that Angelica has an incredible voice, I think this is now known to everyone. However, this voice seems to always and only serve to show her melancholy, leaving the doubt of not having truly seen her potential.Rating 5

SARAFINE – Sarafine had accustomed us well with her production flashes. In “No Diggity” by Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre with orchestra seems to raise the bar with a measured and refined arrangement, the only flaw: where is Sarafine?. She shows without ever really showing herself. Rating 7

The Usual Dandy – Making Battisti and in this case “The Gardens of March” would seem harakiri on paper. The Usual Dandy he takes off the showman’s cloak, giving an intimate version of the song, without distorting its melodic lines. He brings home a discreet interpretation even if that extra something was missing. Rating 6

Astromare – Astromare try their hand at a song that should be perfectly in their musical chords, “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” by the Blues Brothers, doing no more and no less than their task with singing deficiencies in tow. A lot of show with little depth. They are saved from the Unclassified thanks to the orchestra, the only real lifesaver. Rating 5


There will be two heats scheduled.

In the first, the 7 singers will be accompanied by a 22-piece orchestra and will bring the following songs to the X Factor stage:

For Fedez’s team:

Maria Tomba – “Always” by Bon Jovi
SARAFINE – “No Diggity” by Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre

For Ambra’s team:

Angelica – “The evening of miracles” by Lucio Dalla
Astromare – “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” by The Blues Brothers

For Dargen D’Amico’s team:

The Usual Dandy – “The gardens of March” by Lucio Battisti
SEPTEMBER – “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen
Stunt Pilots – “7 Years” by Lukas Graham.

In the second heat however there is they will be the unreleased ones.

Angelica – “L’interno”, song written by Davide Simonetta, Paolo Antonacci and Tananai who also took care of the production;
Astromare – “Metaverso”, written by Alberto La Malfa and Steve Tarta (who also oversaw the production).
SARAFINE – “Malati di Gioia”, of which he also oversaw the production
Maria Tomba – “Crush”
Stunt Pilots – “Imma Stunt”
Il Solito Dandy – “Solo tu”, written by the same artist with Leo Pari and Simone Guzzino
SEPTEMBER – “Tears”.


Will be Emmathe guest of the semi-final, who returns to X Factor to present his latest album “Souvenir”


The X Factor 2023 Live Shows will be every Thursday at 9.15pm on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW, always available on demand and visible on Sky Go; on the Wednesday following the first on air they will then be shown in prime time on TV8.




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