Yaeji shares “easy breezy”

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A release that reminds us of the sound of Brazilian bossa nova and traditional Asian music.

Last April we were able to hear With A Hammerthe long-awaited debut album from the Korean producer based in New York and it seems that she does not like to make us wait because through social networks she announced the release of “easy breezy”, his new single.

In this release Yaeji It follows the same pattern as on their album, that is, a cathartic and personal song. “easy breezy” It takes musical elements from various parts of the world to make a unique melody, in this we can hear a Brazilian guitar base coming from a bossa nova song, a European-style electronic drum machine and its enormous influence of Korean and Japanese music with a melody and voice that remind us a lot of current Asian artists.

Sonically, the song connects a thread between my present and my past in high school, when I discovered bossa nova, drum and bass, and house through Korean and Japanese electronic pop. ‘easy breezy’ is a common thread, a tribute, a remembrance of memories and an encouraging push for us to bring about change with courage and laughter. We have the power in our hands, and we should never doubt it. The change is now,” Yaeji explains in a press release.

The video is not far behind, in this we can see Yaeji travel the streets of New York at full speed in your scooter, accompanied by her dog Jiji. It reminds us a lot of a Mario Kart race because we see it avoiding obstacles like banana peels, something that only the same Yaeji I could direct.

You can now listen “easy breezy” on all digital platforms, go do it and give the production company a chance that we assure you will become one of your favorites.


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