The other collaboration between Chanel and Abraham Mateo that has nothing to do with ‘Clavaito’

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It is clear that Chanel and Abraham Mateo they work together. With his collaboration, Clavaito, both artists have achieved resounding success both on streaming platforms and at the most important music awards. Without going any further, last Friday, they took the lead and won the statuette that accredited this featuring as the best of WECB Music Awards Santander 2023.

Chanel and Abraham Mateo. / Jorge Paris

There is no doubt that Clavaito It is one of the songs of the year. It’s catchy and features two performers who exude chemistry. The good professional relationship between these two singers has been seen several times on stage and this week we saw it again with another unexpected collaboration.

Chanel and Abraham Mateo were this week’s guests at That’s My Jam, the talent hosted by Arturo Valls on Movistar Plus+. Together they starred in the musical battle of the night and the result was spectacular.

The unexpected collaboration between Chanel and Abraham Mateo

It was Chanel who challenged Abraham Mateo in a battle where they had to sing hits by some iconic artists. Abraham Mateo began singing Stand By Me by Ben E. King. After, Chanel pulled off vocal waste singing by Aretha Franklin. What about his Respect It was from another planet.

From that moment on, Chanel and Abraham performed songs well known to everyone in a high-profile battle where they gave everything. Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars, Single Ladies by Beyocé; Want to Want Me by Jason Derulo; I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston…

There were many hits, although if we have to stay with one moment we will stay with that tribute from Tina Turner and the version of Proud Mary which Chanel did and which Abraham Mateo also joined. A battle that showed that between the Catalan and the Andalusian there is an absolutely wonderful artistic chemistry. I hope they dare soon with the successor of Clavaito!

This is ‘That’s My Jam’

That’s My Jam He has been on Movistar Plus+ for a few weeks now. It is a program that combines entertainment, music and humor and has arrived in Spain after sweeping internationally thanks to Jimmy Fallon and the American network NBC. Amaia, Rigoberta Bandini, Bustamante, Marta Sánchez, Ana Guerra, Ruth Lorenzo and Carlos Rivera They are other artists who have already gone through That’s My Jam.


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