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Many artists, including Iggy Pop and Car Power, recorded this album to help Marianne Faithfull, who suffered from long Covid.

Two years ago, Marianne Faithfull spoke to WECB of his fight against Covid-19: “ It’s terrible. I contracted long Covid, which means you recover from the virus, but you still have symptoms. Apparently, long Covid is now believed to be curable; it doesn’t last forever. This is a good thing. »

To help Marianne Faithfull cope with growing health care costs, more than a dozen artists have recorded cover songs for a charity album called The Faithful: A Tribute to Marianne Faithfull. Cat Power and Iggy Pop teamed up to recreate her unique and cutting rendition of “ Working Class Hero » by John Lennon, Shirley Manson and Peaches collaborated on “ Why’d Ya Do It » and Lydia Lunch recorded “ Love, Life, and Money “. Guitarist Barry Reynolds, who played on the album Broken English of Faithfull, joined Tammy Faye Starlite for “ The Ballad of Lucy Jordan “. The first single from the compilation, which will be released on vinyl on December 8, is the rendition of “ This Little Bird » by Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters.

Third single from Faithfull, “ This Little Bird “, originally appeared on the American edition of her self-titled debut album in 1965. The music was dreamlike and Faithfull’s voice was light and undulating as she sang of the freedom and destiny of the bird of the title. Donelly’s rendition is just as dreamlike as the original, although she takes a slower pace and adds vocal harmonies. She also finds a dramatic and shadowy side to the song that seems to be a nod to Faithfull’s later career.

Marianne’s voice has always been one of my favorite instruments, from childhood to today, and her music and spirit have been sources of inspiration throughout my lifeDonelly said in a statement. I wanted to start again’This Little Bird’ for the fragility and beauty of its musical arrangement and melody, as well as for the bittersweet story the lyrics tell. It is a true honor to be able to sing and play this lullaby, and the Parkington Sisters elevate it with their voices and the magic of their strings. We are so grateful to be able to honor this amazing woman and singer-songwriter. »

In her own statement, Faithfull expressed her gratitude to the artists who came together for the charity album. “ I was very ill, but I am now much bettershe said. I was seriously affected by Covid, just as my best friend, Hal Willner, died. When I recovered, I had to learn to walk again, and that’s what I did. I am very lucky ; I’m healthy, I’m happy to be at peace, not to die (yet!) and I have very good friends. Growing old also means feeling alone, losing your friends, and you have to accept that, but I don’t like that! As you can imagine, my life has completely changed; It’s difficult, but it’s beautiful. »

It took me a long time to be recognized for the artist that I amshe continues. I have never let this poison my existence, the love of my work and my confidence in myself and what I do. I am grateful to the wonderful artists who contributed to this tribute album; the fact that they identify with my art and that it has moved them in some way, in their own lives, means a lot to me. Their renditions of the songs I have recorded and performed over my 60+ year career are incredibly moving. I am so grateful and have a lot of love for each of you! »

All proceeds from the sale of the album will go towards Faithfull’s recovery. “ Being an icon or muse doesn’t pay the bills, even if you have 50+ records to your creditsaid Tanya Pearson, founder of the Women of Rock Oral History Project. Even if you were the “It Girl” of the swinging sixties. Even if you are Marianne Faithfull. »

Faithfull’s latest recording, She Walks in Beauty, sets his readings of verses from the great Romantic poets to ethereal music by Warren Ellis of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Cave and Brian Eno both participated on the album. She also made a surprise appearance in the film This Much I Know to Be Trueoffering some vocals to Cave and Ellis to sample.

The Faithful: A Tribute to Marianne Faithfull Track List

Disc One, Side A

Tracy Bonham – “As Tears Go By”
Tanya Donelly & the Parkington Sisters – “This Little Bird”
Josie Cotton – “Summer Nights”
Sylvia Black – “Sister Morphine”
Cat Power & Iggy Pop – “Working Class Hero”

Disc One, Side B

Shirley Manson & Peaches – “Why’d Ya Do It”
Pom Poms – “Brain Drain”
Bush Tetras – “Guilt”
Joan as Policewoman – “Broken English”
Tammy Faye Starlite & Barry Reynolds – “The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan”

Disc Two, Side C

Honeychild Coleman – “Over Here (No Time for Justice)”
Adele Bertei – “Times Square”
Nicole Atkins & Jim Sclavunos – “Strange Weather”
Lydia Lunch – “Love, Life, and Money”
Cynthia Ross (the B Girls) & Tim Bovaconti – “Vagabond Ways”

Disc Two, Side D

Donita Sparks – “Sliding Through Life on Charm”
Miss Guy – “Sex With Strangers”
FaithNYC – “Kissin’ Time”
Feminine Aggression – “Before the Poison”


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