Aitana talks about her next album in ‘OT 2023′: “It’s going to be between ’11 Razones’ and ‘Alpha'”

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The doors of the OT 2023 Academy have opened this Sunday to live one of the experiences that the contestants will never forget. After asking for it actively and passively, finally Aitana has returned to what was her home in 2017. The artist arrived at the age of 18, being a complete stranger and not knowing very well if that was the world she wanted to dedicate herself to and, six years later, at 24 years old, she can say loud and clear that she is one of the most successful singers. within the musical scene.

Her nerves were on edge and excitement shines in her girlish eyes, although she was not the only one who was a little happier today with her visit.: Noemí Galera could not help but be proud to see how her daughter returned to the Operación Triunfo Academy, the triumphs could not contain their euphoria upon seeing her and her fans did not hesitate to receive her in the vicinity of the Academy as she deserved.

During the time she has been chatting with the contestants, Aitana has taken the opportunity to give them some advice for when they face their exit and their first steps in the industry, she has invited them to her next concert at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and, in addition to doing a review of his musical career, has given the first touches of his fourth album.

From “11 Reasons Why” to “alpha”

During question time, Paul was curious to know what is it like to create a record, even more so when in their three albums there are very different sounds from each other: “I am a person who cannot be still,” he began by saying. After that, Aitana began talking about her first release: “With Spoiler It was a medley of things. Many songs came out that I liked, but there was not a thread of anything,” he said.

After has continued talking about 11 Reasons: “I did it in quarantine via Zoom with my two producers from Los Angeles. I wanted it to be a more conceptual album. I said: ‘I’m going to make pop rock’. At that time there weren’t that many people and I thought it was a cool idea,” he revealed. About this album he has also confessed that There are songs that he doesn’t like, although he doesn’t regret them.

Finally, has arrived alpha. His last album where he broke all the stereotypes and which he made in just a month: “I wanted to make more danceable music because of the mood I was in. At concerts when it comes The babies “Everyone brings out their nancys and it’s very funny.”

This is what your next album will sound like

After reviewing her three releases that have made her establish herself as a pop diva, Aitana has given the first touches of what will be his next album. “It’s going to be between 11 Reasons and Alpha. With more guitars. I’m still in that process of calming down and composing. There’s still a year left,” she said, revealing that in a month she will go back to Los Angeles to start that new project.

Before making a Tour Academy, Aitana has assured that she is faithful to what she wants to do: “When I don’t like something it shows on my face. What I do is more radio, it’s what I like and what I wanted to do.”


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