This is how Ariana Grande created ‘Yes, and?’ In the recording studio

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Increasingly, artists open the doors of their recording studios to show the public that part of their work that is usually private. An intimate process that Ariana Grande has taken on a surprising naturalness.

Because the soloist from Boca Raton (Florida, USA) has demonstrated with this ‘behind the scenes’ her wonderful vocal technique, her ease in reaching certain registers and the wonderful musicality that every word that comes out of her mouth has without the need for be singing

Even Max Martin falls at the feet of Ariana Grande’s recording: “A Perfect Diction.” The popular producer who is a true musical idol and a guru in front of the recording table seems to let himself be carried away by the hand of Ariana Grande who takes the lead in the session.

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What the video makes clear is that not a single detail escapes the control of the singer who nails each of the shots she records although giving them different tones. Si y? It is a verse that promises to become a most used response in 2024.

Her followers loved this video of the singer and have given their reasons why it is one of the best ‘behind the scenes’ of the year so far: “🌟I LOVE this video for many reasons! Before nothing, it shows how beautiful your voice is naturally without any studio tricks – and how incredibly perfect Zu pitch – never wavering in and out of key. That’s such a rare talent! It also shows off your production and engineering knowledge, which “They’ve always been exceptional, but unless someone has been in the studio with you, they wouldn’t know! This video is a gift of insight into your process! 🎶.”

Ariana Grande is transmitting much more than meets the eye in this musical comeback that puts an end to several years of recording silence. Si y? It is a song where Ariana Grande’s incredible voice merges with a dance melody that reminds us of the clubs of the nineties. Specifically, that Vogue with which Madonna made an entire generation fall in love.

If we add to this lyrics full of references to complicated moments in his life that his fans are analyzing in detail There is no doubt that this is one of the singer’s most personal projects.


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