Álex Márquez (OT 2023) releases the cover of his single and everyone pays attention to the same detail

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Life at the Academy OT 2023 continues, but the expelled contestants are already preparing their debut in the music industry. The first to try their luck will be Alex Marquez, Suzete and Salma. This Friday, January 26, their debut singles will be released through Amazon Music. A week later, those same songs will be released and can be heard on the rest of the streaming platforms.

Both the contestants and Triumph operation They are immersed in the promotion of the singles that kick off their careers, which is why they have already shared the titles of the songs and their respective covers on social networks. All three are really good, although there have been two that have caught special attention: that of Álex Márquez and that of Suzete.

Álex’s wink to Denna

Álex Márquez’s first single is titled The mode and, judging by what we heard at the Academy, it is a reggaetón. The artist has finally opted for a more danceable song and not pop, another of his favorite genres and which he already sang on the program. But let’s get to the important thing: the cover. We don’t know if the video will star Denna. However, Álex did want to include the heart-shaped earring that he gave her. and it was later turned into a brooch, one that now stands proudly on that cover of ‘El Modo’.

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We do not know if he did it to have a wink with the followers of Triumph operation or because, in fact, the song is dedicated to that possible love story that he has experienced with Denna inside the Academy and… outside?

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The diva Suzete

Suzete’s first single is also attracting a lot of attention. The song with which he will enter the national scene is going to be called Kombolewais produced by KICKBOMBO and LEX C and on the cover she appears like a true diva international. The photo has a lot of power. Now we just need to check if the theme has the same strength…

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“It is made with a lot of love and affection, and it is a mix of many influences and things that I want to show you,” Salma wrote on her Instagram account to present the cover of her single, Looks at her. Have you opted for flamenco? Because of some ballad that came out when composing, as he told us in an interview with WECB?

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There are still a few hours left to discover the first singles released from OT 2023. Which one are you most looking forward to hearing?


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