Playlist of the week #270

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Here is the weekend playlist, in which the WECB France editorial staff looks back on their favorites and discoveries of the week!

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Frank Turner – Do One

After FTHC in 2022, Frank Turner announces the release of a new solo album, his 10th, entitled Undefeated. Scheduled for May 3, it notably includes “Do One”, which “sums up the subject of the record” according to its author, “which speaks of survival and defiance”.

Newdad – Sickly Sweet

Discover Sickly Sweet, the sparkling single from Newdad. This title is present on Madra, the first album by the Irish, who are inspired by The Cure as well as the Pixies and Slowdive. To sip now!

Shannon & The Clams – The Moon Is In The Wrong Place

The Californian garage punk band gets you off your feet with their delirious single “The Moon Is In The Wrong Place”, accompanied by a deliciously wacky music video. Don’t miss the release of the album of the same name, scheduled for May 3.

Lucassen & Soeterboek’s Plan Nine – Before The Morning Comes

An essential figure in today’s progressive rock and metal, Arjen Lucassen explored his archives to bring out pieces with a blues rock tendency recorded thirty years ago with singer Robert Soeterboek. The result is a new project, titled Plan Nine, which will release its album on May 17. In the meantime, check out “Before the Morning Comes.” »

Johnny Mafia – Rules Bulls Bells

Here is “Rules Bulls Bells”, the new single from Johnny Mafia, ironically described as “a song that talks about a friendship that ends badly between a man and a bull. In other words, Francis Cabrel’s Corrida of 2024.” Find him on 2024: Year of the Dragon, album scheduled for February 9.

Lehmanns Brothers – It’s Only Fair

Jazz-funk band Lehmanns Brothers continues to lay the groundwork as they approach the release of their upcoming album, Playground. So, discover “It’s Only Fair”, their latest single, and don’t miss their appearance at New Morning (Paris) on March 28.

Palace – Bleach

British alternative rock band Palace are back with Bleach, a languorous new single. It is one of the tracks from their fourth album, Ultrasound, scheduled for April 5. To discover now!

Oisin Leech – Color Of The Rain

Oisin Leech, half of the duo The Lost Brothers, is preparing to release his debut solo album on March 8. Titled Cold Sea, it includes the soulful, soulful folk single “Colour of the Rain.” Between woody sounds and moist vocals, he immerses you in the bittersweet beauty of Ireland.

Ekkstacy – alright

Playing a deliciously modern garage rock, the Canadian Ekkstacy has fun with “alright”, in which he invites the Australian rapper The Kid LAROI. Find it in his album UnitedMasters, already available.

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