Ariana Grande: even the stars are impatient for the release of her single

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This is the best gift that Ariana Grande could offer her fans at the start of the year. After announcing an album, the singer will not have waited two weeks before promoting her single expected this Friday.

Three years. This is how long it took for Ariana Grande to make her comeback. And it is done with great fanfare. On Instagram, the singer was able to increase the pressure by showing herself to be mysterious but nevertheless very productive. Indeed, in the last weeks of 2023, she posted several series of photos showing her at work in the studio. And Ariana left no clue since she took care to remove the sound from all the videos.

The “AG7” project (temporary name given by fans) is therefore a great mystery and many are trying to unravel it. Under his publications, we can read a shower of comments begging the interpreter of “Positions” to put an end to the suspense. And among them, some very well-known signatures.

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Ariana Grande: the celebrity planet was waiting for her return

Since she announced the arrival of her seventh album, Ariana Grande seems to have awakened the inhabitants of the celebrity planet who are as impatient as the Arianators. For example, we find Billie Eilish who begs with a “ unmute please », Victoria Monet who greets this return with a generous “ she is at home » or even SZA with a “ It’s about eating ”, understand: “ we’re going to eat wellr”. Promising!

But that’s not all because since the announcement of the single “yes and? », expected this Friday, January 12, a big celebrity and friend of Ariana Grande decided to make his comment. Underneath the post, Nicki Minaj wrote: “ Queen. We are ready », an opinion widely shared since the comment has more than 44,000 likes. In the same vein, the official Bratz account took up the visual of the cover with a doll with a blurred face and wearing Ariana’s iconic lipstick. The least we can say is that the queen had truly missed her kingdom. Appointment made this Friday on WECB.


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