Armin van Buuren reviews the 9 albums of his musical career one by one

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It has been more than 20 years since Armin van Buuren He landed in our lives to become one of the most important DJs in electronic music. The Dutch artist is about to release his ninth studio album and before that happens this week, the DJ wanted to review one by one the 8 previous albums he has released.

Not a simple task but one that has turned into a complete review of his recording career. Summarizing the concept of each album and even the final intention and the musical state in which its protagonist was when he published it.

“Take a deep breath, because I have a gift for you 👊 My ninth studio album will be released on Friday, so let’s take a look at all my previous favorite albums, let me know your favorites in the comments ⬇️” Armin van Buuren begins by exposing in his publication on his official Instagram account.

Start then a musical journey of more than two decades that this Friday, January 12, a new chapter will live:

“1. ’76’ was the first album I released. It features many iconic tracks that started her career, such as ‘Communication’ and ‘Burned With Desire.’

2. “How could it end like this? Don’t leave me, love me… These lyrics still give me goosebumps every time I hear them. ‘Shivers’ is the title track from my second album and, as voted, a of the most popular and timeless songs I’ve ever released.

3. Do you remember my third album ‘Imagine’? In addition to its title track, it includes songs like ‘Going Wrong’ and of course ‘In And Out Of Love’ featuring Sharon den Adel.

4. I released ‘Mirage’, my fourth album, in 2010. That’s almost fifteen! ) years ago. Some of my favorites from the album are ‘The Light Between Us’, ‘Orbion’ and ‘Not Giving Up On Love’ featuring the incredible Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

5. It only takes one song to conquer the world. For me, that was ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ from my fifth album, ‘Intense’. It opened so many doors for me, and was even nominated for a Grammy Award!

6. ‘Embrace’ was my sixth album. For me, the album was all about being open-minded and embracing other sounds and genres. It was a big risk to take back then, but I think it paid off quite well due to the success of tracks like ‘Another You’ and ‘Heading Up High’.

7. ‘Balance’ was a great album for me. I was able to collaborate with so many amazing artists for this seventh album of mine, which went on to include great songs like ‘Blah Blah Blah’, ‘Something Real’, ‘Sunny Days’, ‘Therapy’, ‘Mr Navigator’ and ‘Show Me Love’.

8. After the pandemic, I felt the need to (re)connect with myself, my friends and my fans. That journey both in mind and sound eventually became eight studio album, ‘Feel Again’.

9. Continuing the story of ‘Feel Again’, my ninth album, ‘Breathe In’, is about connecting with more than just people: it’s about connecting with the outside world and finding peace within it.

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