Ariana Grande gives new tracks from her next album: AG7

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Ariana Grande fans are pulling their hair out. The American singer has not released new material for three years. And, oddly enough, Positions was released in 2020. Of course, to celebrate 10 years of Yours Truly, the star released a recorded reissue of the album this summer.

But now, finally, Ariana Grande is getting to work with her new musical project. After a break of a year and a half to focus on preparing the film adaptation of the musical The Wicked (we will be able to see the first part at Christmas 2024), a very blonde Ariana has returned focused on her music.

In fact, just a few days ago, Ariana shared some photos in the studio on her Instagram account. Some images that made even Selena Gomez herself react. “Finally,” the former Disney girl wrote when she saw Ari in front of the mixing console microphone. But now we have new evidence that Grande’s musical return is imminent.

The non-photo that has driven fans crazy

To start, Ariana has removed her current photo from YouTube. And, for now, she has not replaced it with any new one. Is she looking for a new one from this era to put on? Every fan knows that when a star changes her social media image she is trying to tell us something. And in the end musical eras, especially those of pop divas, are marked by all the visuals.

But the thing Don “t stay there. Ariana Grande would also be preparing a new video clip. And how do we know it? Because photographer Miles Diggs captured the star going to a filming set in New York where a team of dancers was. Come on, everything fits.

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To all these events, we must add that Ariana Grande changed her manager last August. After several years with Scooter Braun—yes, the one who hooked up with Taylor Swift—the artist decided to break her professional ties. Of course, this same month of November she has signed a new one: Brandon Creed, who works with his friends Troye Sivan and Demi Lovato. This signing could have something to do with Ariana’s return to the musical world. And she will need it for the coming months. And surely, as with this type of star, she has another manager for audiovisual work.

Be that as it may, it seems that sooner rather than later we are going to hear what’s new from Ariana Grande. And yes, there is a lot of desire to enjoy it.


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