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Bizarre love triangle returns, bordering on summer with SED ($€Ð)sixth album full of ecstasy overcoming the hostility of the world and the battles to reach fame.

In the first months of this year we saw in instagram a post where TDAB hinted that a new album was coming. Marking the fire, perhaps as rebirth. Showing an old photograph of the group on fire, as well as the aggressive cover that shows that it is a totally earthly album full of primitive emotions, as they mention.

The first single of this album came out on March 29 of this year. “anti-life star” a song with good noise performed energetically by Isabella; A strong and accelerated piece with lyrics that evoke the control of a person, it gives us a frenetic feeling because they do not release that same strength and energy with which they began their career.

The same day they released their first single, TDAB presented a live session recorded in Mexico by The Beast Records, a short session that included four songs. The group had recently been in Mexico. Two years ago they came to promote their previous album. Their continuous visits show the great affection that the band has for the country.

Lonely Star” contrary to “Anti-Life Star” is a song with a calmer but danceable rhythm. A new wave that perhaps reminds us of the legendary New Order; band from which their name was inspired by one of the most famous songs they have. “Lonely Star” It’s a pure piece of synthpop where Isabella He combines his voice well with the sounds.

Goldfish Death Song” lightens the album’s substantial punk with a bit of nostalgia. Like “Road” also performed by Isabel and his voice with an effect, everything intensifies with the seconds that pass, reaching some subtle shoegaze guitars.

He” and “Crypto brothers” are a variation of what they have done years ago. Both the voice, the guitars and the drums resonate harshly, carving the long route that the group follows consecutively. “Sentence” It gives a perfect close to the album, flooding in slow motion, a voice that creates reminiscence of an unbreakable past.

Always restless and creative, TDAB It never ceases to surprise its fans and each song on this new album will be embedded in the life of whoever it identifies with, since that was also one of the objectives when creating THIRST“the good times and the inevitable decline of characters that could be you.”

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