Britney Spears: her paranormal experience after her breakup with Justin Timberlake

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In her memoir “The Woman in Me”, Britney Spears reveals pieces of her private life. Among all her revelations, we discover an extraordinary episode experienced by the singer in the Arizona desert.

Britney Spears’ memoir, “The Woman In Me,” was released on Tuesday, October 24. The superstar’s book unleashes passions. And for good reason, the singer candidly reveals entire sections of her life.

The release of this autobiography allowed the artist to confide in certain hard moments from his past, such as his painful breakup with the star of the song Justin Timberlake. This relationship did not, in fact, end in an ideal way. The “Toxic” singer revealed that she became pregnant with the singer 23 years ago. The N’SYNC member was not ready for fatherhood, so the singer made the very difficult choice of abortion.

A cosmic feeling

Following this trying breakup, Britney Spears decides to take a trip to the Arizona desert. The singer accompanied by one of her friends, who had also just separated from one of Justin’s best friends, got into a convertible to forget her worries, under the starry sky of the American southwest.

The “Baby One More Time” singer then recounts having had an experience close to the paranormal during his escapade. “A sinister feeling settled inside me, writes Britney Spears. She would later qualify this feeling as “ a deep beauty, from another world “.

During this experience, Britney should have refrained from asking her friend: “ Do you believe in aliens? » The singer’s friend broke the silence by asking her: ” Do you feel this too? What is that ? “. A shared feeling therefore.

Extraterrestrial interference, possession by a spirit, or manifestation of signs of anxiety, Britney still does not have a precise explanation for this phenomenon although she understood the undeniable link between the breakup of the two young girls and this emotion: “ We felt that way at that moment because we needed to. We were so open spiritually, and so bare. It showed us that there is much more than what meets the eye.”ends up concluding Britney Spears about this very mysterious experience.


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