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At 33, southern musician Dylan LeBlanc is in full possession of his means and offers Coyote, his most accomplished album to date.

The age of Christ but the desire to do battle with a somewhat demonic alter ego… For this fifth album, Dylan LeBlanc33 years old, chose to tell the misadventures of a certain Coyote, a Mexican bandit seeking to redeem his behavior. But a new life can come at a very high price… Such is the story of an album that is as conceptual as it is cinematographic. By its sumptuous arrangements and by the (admittedly involuntary!) reference to Martin Scorsese’s new great antihero played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Killers of the Flower Moonnicknamed “Coyote” by his Native American wife.

Recorded at the prestigious Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, where his father, James, has his input since he has been an instrumentalist there for decades, Coyote lives up to everything one could expect from LeBlanc. A child of the ball made in Louisiana, the guitarist found his own sound language inherited from the great American musical history, but imbued with a desire to say more about his personality – even if he speaks through a fictionalized figure .

Fan of JJ Cale, Bob Dylan or Fleetwood Mac, LeBlanc becomes a storyteller… and producer! Alone at the helm, he is nevertheless (well) surrounded, from Bob Seger’s pianist, Jim “Moose” Brown, to drummer Fred Eltringham, member of the Wallflowers, among other collaborators of Sheryl Crow and Tears for Fears. In thirteen tracks, the singer skates both the wood of his Gibson and that of his Americana, more narrative than ever, and establishes himself as a worthy heir to Tom Petty, imagining an Into the Great Wide Open 2.0 on the trajectory of a thug who, although he may have once made mistakes, decides to follow his redemptive path. As Dylan LeBlanc emancipates himself from the geniuses of the southern past in order to imagine a work that he fully masters.

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