Christine and the Queens Paranoïa, Angels, True Love


A musical work.

The fourth studio album by Christine and the Queenstitled Paranoia, Angels, True Love. The main characteristic of this French artist is the ability to create greater sensitivity in the listener. It is not necessary to get into controversial topics but this recording material brings together the necessary elements to say that, in the end, art will be the means by which the expressions issued do not have a greater restriction than others.

What is the Paranoia, Angels, True Love?

Paranoia, Angels, True Love, is a musical work that is inspired by the artist’s life; his transition as well as the close deaths that he has experienced in recent years. It is important to mention that the album is inspired by the work Angels in America of Tony Kushner. Fact by which it can be said that each composition is an act on stage. So, each one is a fragment of the representation of the life of Christineaccompanied by musical genres such as electronic, pop, industrial rock and the constant trip hop.

It is a musical work of contemplation and reflection. Paranoiawas made by the producer Mike Deanwho has worked with artists such as The Weeknd and Kanye Westwork began on it based on the ideas of Christinewhen violent, sad and frustrating events began to take shape through pen and paper.

Something typical of this material is its long duration in the songs. Although it starts with “Overture” With a duration of 1:24 minutes, this is only the intro to the extensive repertoire of 20 songs. It is important to analyze this data, since currently studio music has taken another direction when talking about the duration of the pieces. This may be because the information is so much and so immediate, that this same immediacy has made artists keep it in mind when composing. But if I learned something by listening to Christine, is that immediacy should not be elemental in our lives and in our ears when it comes to music. The music he has created is an example of artistic patience and persistence.

Paranoia, Angels, True Love It is a challenge for listeners because they are well-crafted songs but without a doubt you cannot listen to all of them in half an hour, so in this super material of twenty songs, Christine Its mission is to create a bond with whoever listens to it.

Compositions in which there are participations of some artists among which is the great Madonna. There are three songs in which the voice of who is also called the queen of pop completes the beauty that surrounds this album. Mostly singing in choruses, Madonna’s voice takes us back to the time when her gospel was evident with “Like a Prayer”.

“Angels crying in my bed”, “I met and angel” and “Lick the light out”are the moments in which the synchronization of voices turns out to be the best form of expression.

In general terms, Paranoia, Angels, True Love, turns out to be a declaration of freedom, expressions of love but at the same time it is a deep mourning for close losses. The skill of Christine At the time of writing, his pains as well as his joys are part of the musical journey in the twenty tracks of the album. Maybe something different from what you were doing. Christine and the Queenshas a resurgence with the making of this piece.


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