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Hyperand third-person sensibilities.

A before and after is a dividing and transparent line at this moment in the life of Hello Seahorse! where Hyper, is an album that remains the same at its core; In general and in the present, being one of the great favorite icons of the emerging and indie genre, is how the band has earned a place since the melancholic 2000s, where the enjoyment of what it has earned has been slowly savored. through the years.

Hyper It becomes their well-visualized fifth full-length album, but for the group it is clear that time is only one factor, since after several years of career it seems that they are a fish in water as they are the experts in enjoying what they want. they do best: music. With Hyper There was hard work with several producers, where the band shares that they had never done this before, so working with several of them becomes an interesting factor, something very new in terms of production and musicalization issues. .

Sentimentally, this whole great project is like that. Hello Seahorse! It has always been very emotional and one of the labels with which it is loaded and has been given to us is that of nostalgia, and that can always be felt, from the beginning of our career, but the reality is that, despite the time , and despite always looking for interesting things for our audience, we have not strayed that far from what we have always been. In Hyper and with each material, a song, a concert and a tour, it is important that we artists give it meaning,” he responded. Dennis by sharing part of the emotions that have been captured in each song.

“What we transmit is what you do at a conceptual level, I remember that, I told Burgos that I wanted to talk about other things and other emotions, tell other stories, and in that sense I was very interested in this album talking about the variety of emotions through which we move as people, but not only Hello Seahorse! but all the people, all of them who day by day are on the true plane, in a real life.

Denise, Burgos and Bonz They introspect what is reflected in her lyrics, so she comments in a satisfactory way on what she has experimentally involved, in each representation from Beast until Arumina.

I am a person who is very interested in the psychology of human beings and the way we interact, how we relate is something that we have always dealt with in our stories, but in this album we want to go even deeper,’Melancholia’ deals with this aspect, we want to be a little more punctual with those themes and emotions, to give it a very real and tangible concept throughout the album that already came out a month ago.”

“We are celebrating with great joy Hyper, in addition to the almost 18 years of career we have had and we started it by celebrating big with a concert at the Pepsi Center WTC, where we play those songs that come as part of our history, and that we gave a place to some others that were not part of what was being worked on for this material,” he commented Bonz for Indie Rocks!

“Midnight” It is another of the little songs that came loaded with acceptance and with a lot of uniqueness, he concluded Denise, “…and it tells us about that love that must always be present in the life of every being on this planet.”

There are references in the stories we tell, but it is also believed that when we talk about emotions that are as universal as love or even heartbreak, there are many stories and songs that already talk about this feeling; However, the idea we want to convey is that you tell your vision of what love is, so the short stories we make are universal stories where it can be seen that we are not telling any black thread, but that it is simply how we perceive them. us and in that sense, I think it is one of the ways in which we have related to our audience, because you tell those stories where the people who are listening to you and whom you influence, relate; but it doesn’t matter if it comes from my own story, because yes! Of course there are many of our personalities, mine and internal, but the public is the one who also has something to tell.”

The voice of the people expressed through these singles is another factor that will also give the special touch to Hyper, This will be the facet of the group where it was already planned to work with some cinematographic overtones. Denise Gutierrez She shows her versatility with that little thorn that she has had for a long time, when she talks about how acting is another of the disturbing ones and not only for her, but for the entire group.

I worked a lot on being inspired by films of stories told by other people, which in some way I interpret. At the end of the day that is music, it is that where you also do not go with your audience telling specifically what you wanted to say with that song, not literally, because the idea is that people always interpret the music, for the same reason I see the film in such a way and I interpret it in my own way, I see and observe, and that is how I can tell another story.” This type of art of your being and personality is transmitted by looking at stories around you; being able to feel them is a task for also be able to prepare them and finally present them”.

“People are beings full of emotions where on this earthly plane they tend to be interpreted in a thousand ways with a purpose. However, we have individual songs and many others written up to this moment, and it is important that with each material new ways are sought. of creation and inspiration, all this is the new thing that our audience will be able to see in our next presentations”.

Hello Seahorse! makes it clear that every detail in this project is prepared from the desire and emotions of the power trio which was aimed at betting on a more electronic sound, and that is another surprise that could be perceived in the recent presentation.

We wanted to broadcast all this live, so it is a show that had not been presented in Mexico City with us, it is the first time. For now we have been touring the United States for several dates and now we will be in the interior of the Republic, but Mexico City is the first to have this special show and this novelty is why we are very excited. There are no guest musicians to accompany us during the concert, and we also want that to be a reiteration where it was just the three of us in a show more oriented to dance and electronic music where we are all connected, and that could seem that being more electronic or more square if it were a show that is open to improvisation, like reading a little to the audience in what would guide us,” he shared Bonz. We were also preparing a very cool production of visuals and lights with the production team, which made it something completely new.”

Hello Seahorse! always tries to constantly give unique and different experiences to its audience and a year ago specifically, they presented at the Metropolitan with a completely different show to this new facet, and that is considered very valuable from each work, because they are people who always think first of their fans and know that they must constantly seek innovation so that each experience is very different, and therefore In this regard, the tour that the band has started is completely new, which makes it exciting what is left to discover about Hyper. They know perfectly well that the formula is win or die.

“People have told us —Wow! I saw them last year with the tour of Arunima and this tour is different—It is very valuable and important for us. And as a surprise this time the band was with us Dear Boy opening the concert, it fills us with pride and emotion to be able to share these moments with them, and we are sure that vice versa will be like this, because we were sharing several dates in June on the California tour and we are very happy that they arrived in Mexico City to we”.

Denise Gutierrez has been a girl who has also worked hand in hand with Drugs for the roll “Our Hell”with this he tells us the story of what it was like to collaborate with Diego Ridolfi without leaving aside his strongest project with Hello Seahorse!

I have always tried to do collaborations because it is something that in some way is a learning tool and in the case of DrugsIt is a very beautiful story because Diego and I met during the pandemic, we began to communicate via chat and made video calls to maintain communication, then he came to live in Mexico and last year, we invited him to appear with us at the Metropolitan and precisely, he had to sing the only unreleased song of the night, which was ‘Ghost at Homebut the version of ‘Radiance’ and this one (also included in Hyper) will come later in live material from this same show.”

The group has some short-term future plans, but since they are not 100% finalized, the band prefers to secretly maintain collaborations that could not be confirmed until they see the light. As for the vocalist, we can expect future roles in the company of other artists, Burgos He continues producing music from his studio with other bands and musicians. As for Bonnz, he comments that he also continues with his other side as a DJ and producing some beats for other artists with hip hop links.

“Be aware of all the dates we have for this tour that does not end with the Pepsi Centerbut we have many more cities that we are going to reach here in Mexico, we invite you to continue listening to us with all this album that is impregnated with a lot of love and above all, continue supporting the music made in Mexico, because we understand perfectly that music is universal and that all types of music should be consumed, but today a very important issue is being raised in a country like Mexico, do not leave out all artists and bands, the promise from both sides is that “We artists will make music for you, but we need the public to continue listening to the music that is made especially in this country,” is how he concluded in an interview. Hello Seahorse!. Don’t forget to click to check out upcoming presentations.

The mixture of cinema and music, feelings and sensitivity, factors that are a new combination that are visible in Hyperso you should not miss the opportunity to add these little songs with an electronic atmosphere and with the seal of highly Mexican pride.


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