Codacons calls for the elimination of La Sad from the Sanremo Festival


Codacons calls for the elimination of La Sad from the Sanremo Festival

And here we are, at the first mega controversy linked to the 2024 Sanremo Festival. Just as expected, every time a new artist, unknown to the masses or “different” is announced, an analysis of his lyrics is carried out and the ‘exclusion.

This time it happened in La Sad. The one who wanted to boycott the group was Codacons, who first asked the radio not to play his songs and then, upon hearing the news of their participation in the Sanremo Festival, asked for them to be eliminated.

Codacons, together with the Association of Radio and Television Service Users, intervened to request the exclusion of La Sad from the Sanremo Festival. The reason? Some lyrics of the group’s songs.

A country that is moved by Giulia Cecchettin cannot applaud songs (‘But you’re worse than coke, you’re a s**t/ and ‘I’ll fuck you just to tear your heart out’, to name two among many) that are offensive in against women and characterized by a constant glorification of violence and misogyny. It is therefore not clear why Rai and Amadeus chose this trio, given the decidedly inappropriate lyrics, at a time when all energies should be united in the battle against gender violence: a wrong choice which, in absence of an immediate reversal, the complaint from the two Associations will follow“.

Plant, Theø and Fiks are mistakenly defined as trappers and rappers by the press, terms which in themselves are associated casually and with contempt, without any type of competence, but only to say “they are trappers, therefore violence, drugs, sex”, when La Sad is a punk band. Apart from this, the connection between music and the murder of Giulia Cecchetin and all feminicides is yet to be understood. Some texts will also have bold content, but they will certainly have presented a piece created ad hoc at the Festival, which Amadeus will have deemed appropriate for the occasion.

For the moment neither Rai nor Amadeus have commented, but it can be assumed that their response will be the same as when Junior Cally and Rosa Chemical were in place of Sad.

The only comment, obviously ironic, came from Fiorello, who said on Viva Rai 2: “they are somewhat extroverted boys, but I know that Amadeus is keeping them at his house, he is making them take catechism courses, a course in good manners from Corrado Augias but above all he has given them a video course: “How to become Roberto Sergio in 10 days”. You see them with mohawks, soon they will have a white cake on their heads and little glasses”.


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