Suzete (‘OT 2023’): “I see my colleagues as friends, not as reality characters”

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It is never pleasant to be the first to be expelled from Triumph operation. However, the history of the program has shown that those people who leave the Academy before everyone else can reach the top of the music industry, and if not, tell Lola Indigo and Nena Daconte. Despite its potential, Suzete was eliminated last Monday in OT 2023but his career has only just begun, as she herself has stated in this interview with WECB. We spoke with the young artist about her experience on the program, her editing colleagues, and the artistic project she is about to immerse herself in.

Be the first expelled

“I’m assimilating everything, but I feel much better. I expected both to be expelled and to continue, and that was reflected in the votes. I imagined it was going to be very close because my route was average. I would have liked to continue. Did it seem fair or not? That’s the program. I have been left wanting to sing some song Beyonce with dance, a performance with choreography. I would have loved to have been able to do that, but I can also do it outside.”

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His time at the Academy

“It has been very intense. The last week was when I was seen what I wanted to contribute and find my way of being. At first I found myself with very raging hormones, assimilating everything and feeling more crestfallen. I would say that last week I tried to give one hundred percent.”

The reality

“We all have very different personalities. Beyond seeing it as a reality show, by experiencing it with so many people at the same time, you always have stimuli everywhere. Tand their actions surprise, how they express themselves… It is very peculiar. But I see them as my friends, not as characters from a reality show.”.

I’m going to start with a single that will have my Afro roots and vocally it will be more soulful.


Your artistic project

“It’s very early, but yes There are several options and most likely it will start with a single and then progress with new projects. It is a mix of my Afro roots and vocally reminiscent of soul…the genres can vary. The thing is to listen to it and feel it.”

The winner”

Anyone can win. They told me I was going to be a finalist and I’m here, you never know. They all seem like very good artists to me and it is very difficult to choose and also very early, each one has their evolution.”

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