Dua Lipa explains the key to the success of her songs and that it also includes ‘Houdini’

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Houdini has become one of the most popular hits of 2023, just like what happened with dance the night. The two themes that Dua Lipa has published this year have gone directly to the top of the playlists and sales, something logical and understandable if we take into account that she is one of the most international artists of the moment.

The song marks the beginning of the new musical era of the British. Its release almost a month ago has left a huge sensation on the music scene as the singer goes one step further in her dance pop sound, captivating from the first listen and this time with an irresistible touch of magic, since the title of The song refers to the famous magician.

But what is the secret so that song after song Dua Lipa continues to connect with the public and achieve success after success? Well, the formula was given by the London-based interpreter of Kosovar origin herself. And Houdini is the best example of this as the first example of the psychedelia of the 70s in which she has been inspired and which previews the proposal that will contain her next album.

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In a recent interview for Los Angeles Times, the performer confirmed that she has learned to be patient with how the public responds to her music. That is to say, her songs are not an immediate boom but rather are a continuous upward trend that grows as the days go by.

“My songs tend to have a very slow but stable growth over time. There is always something a little strange about them: the more you listen to them, the more people want to listen to them. They grow slowly, but they stay. I think longevity is more important than the instant impact,” said Dua Lipa.

There is no doubt that Future Nostalgia is a great example of this: a work that worked very well in 2020, 2021, 2022 and if you hurry us also in 2023. And it does not seem that DL3 is going to change what has already happened in its two previous albums.

“I’ve realized that the things I like aren’t as obvious as pop songs. They’re pop songs, sure, but the way the melodies are, or the way I like the arrangements to be, isn’t “It’s normal in a pop song. It takes people a second to understand it,” added the singer.


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