Rey Pila celebrates the first decade of “Alexander”

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The song that led them to establish themselves as a band turns a decade old and Rey Pila celebrates it with new remixes.

Pila King is a Mexican rock band made up of Diego Solórzano, Andrés Velasco and Miguel Hernandez former vocalist and composer of The Dynamite that today, October 6, they are celebrating the first decade of “Alexander” song that led them to establish themselves as a band.

It was this song that caught the attention of Julian casablancas the vocalist and leader of bands like The Strokes and The Voidz that when he discovered the Mexican quartet he decided to sign them under his own label Cult Records.

It has been a decade since this event that would change the lives of the band members, and to celebrate it they decided to release “Alexander X (10th Anniversary Edition)” which includes an original mix of the song, recorded in the legendary DFA studies from New York in 2012, as well as a new remix by DJ and producer Paul Salvawho has remixed artists like Kanye, Rihanna, Jamie Lidell, Chromeo and has collaborated with Young Thug, Future and Wiz Khalifa. In the words of Paul this remix is “killer techno”

At the time Julian casablancasdescribed this song as a hit much better than any pop song of the moment and was even the producer of Pila King in your album The Future Sugar and his EP Wall of Goth.


The rest of the band’s career was made history, having the opportunity to go on tour with bands like The Voidz and Interpol and introducing himself in the most important festivals in Mexico. They have been the guest act of legends such as The Cure and Depeche Mode.

A lot has happened in these 10 years of the band and they still have some surprises to accompany this release and to close 2023 even better they are planning something super special for their most loyal fans in the city.

They will report all these details through their social networks, which we invite you to follow very closely.

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