Dua Lipa: how does she deal with her fame?

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Between private life and professional career, the famous pop star, Dua Lipa reveals her secrets for staying grounded despite her popularity.

Dua Lipa is one of the hottest stars of her generation. After several hits and a world tour, the singer has one success after another. Propelled to the forefront, the British-Albanian artist has spoken on several occasions about her relationship with celebrity in the media. How does she manage such popularity?

This week, the artist was the guest of London radio KISS FM to present his new hit “Houdini” and answer multiple questions. In this interview, she says that fame literally “made her upset » at the start of his career, and more particularly during the release of his first album, in 2017. Indeed, for a time the star had the feeling of having “scattered“.

There are two Dua

At first, I wanted to believe that you had to be the same person at home and on stage. Now, I have learned to reserve certain aspects of myself for my close circle. There is the Dua who is quiet at home and, in the media, this exaggerated version of myself who is also called Dua, and gives her all on stage “, she explained this summer to Vogue magazine for which she was on the cover.

The perfect balance

From now on, Dua Lipa aligns herself with her desires: “ The thought of not being able to do something right makes me so nervous. I was so upset that I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do really, really well, so now I make time to do them », she explained at the microphone of KISS FM.

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Now she takes the time. Restaurants, bowling or even walks in the streets of London, the red-haired star does not deny herself anything and tries to live her life as she sees fit despite her agenda and her fame. “Everyday life is so normal“, she summarizes before explaining: “ I can take a photo (with a passerby) or something but it’s not too intense and overwhelming “.

A fan of London nightlife, the star also confided in an exclusive interview with WECB that she was very happy to discover her titles outside: “I’m not asking for my own music to be played, that’s for sure (…) If I hear it when I go out or on the radio, I’m very happy to hear it. And it’s nice to know that people want to hear it “.

Clearly, everything is smiling on the star who is not determined to live in a golden prison. Dua Lipa brilliantly combines a balanced private life and a career littered with success.


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