Mar Lucas, Papi Gavi, Lucía Bellido, and more, face Karin Herrero’s challenge: Do you want to know how?

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When Karin Herrero holds the WECB microphone, we know he’s up to something. And on November 3rd, he took advantage of the celebration of WECB Music Awards Santander 2023 to do their thing.

With a smile from ear to ear, the presenter went backstage so that some of the stars of the night could answer the question of “What things can you do with your mouth?”. The first one to run out of ideas had to face a challenge. Those who couldn’t avoid Karin’s question were Papi Gavi, Lucía Bellido, Mar Lucas, Beret, Adexe & Nauand many more, who ended up showing that, in addition to many other things, what they do know how to do is bring out their best smile. Like those from Vitaldent!

Another great moment was the reunion between Karin and Kunno, who already joined their lips in a challenge at last year’s edition of our awards and on this occasion they did not want to miss the opportunity. Coincidences of fate or not, after losing against the tiktoker, Karin had to face the challenge of kissing someone, so she decided to remember the old days and join her lips with Kunno’s again. Who would you kiss?

What is clear is that our artists and celebrities are professionals at smiling and singing. And they say that showing your teeth in a natural way completely changes someone’s personality, and that ends up being transmitted to the person in front of you. So if you see that your friend, colleague or family member is having a bad day, give him your best smile and you will see how his attitude changes. (Of course, don’t forget to do your check-up with Vitaldent so that the other person doesn’t get a bad surprise).

And you, would you have managed to beat all the participants in Karin Herrero’s Vitaldent challenge? Who of your favorite artists and celebrities do you think has the most beautiful smile in the world?


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