Dua Lipa releases extended version of “Houdini”

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The British singer invites you to go out and party with a more eventful edition.

A few months after the success received with his song “Dance The Night” for the film’s soundtrack Barbie (2023), Dua Lipa He surprised his fans with the announcement of new music and an unreleased single arrived on digital platforms on Thursday, November 9. “Houdini” is the most recent release from the British singer, but it is just a preview of what her next album will be.

One of the surprises in this premiere is the participation of Kevin Parker, frontman of tame Impalawho also collaborated on the soundtrack of the film Greta Gerwig. On this occasion the musician serves as producer of the song, in addition to playing bass and adding backing vocals to the melody.

Dua Lipa shared a preview of single on her YouTube channel and gave her fans the clue that a new era is coming in her discography, because in addition to changing her look, she also deleted all her posts on Instagram. The singer-songwriter revealed that her album would be released in 2024 and it is believed that the singer of “Elephant” will have an important role in the material, but more details about it have not yet been revealed.

After the great reception of the song by her fans, the British performer surprised her fans again, only now with an almost six-minute edition of “Houdini” which has a new verse and is the best to start the holiday season at the end of the year.

The song was already the perfect soundtrack for a night at the club, but the third new verse takes it to another level. “We are releasing it a little earlier than planned, (…) take it as a Christmas gift from me to you!” he declared. Dua Lipa.

You can listen to the new version of “Houdini” next:


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