Rihanna and A$AP Rocky: the secret of their meeting finally revealed!

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For several years, Rihanna has shared the life of rapper A$AP Rocky, but between friendzone and tumultuous love stories, how did these former best friends become one of the most prominent power couples on the planet? Find out everything in the latest Gossip Love podcast episode!

Sunday February 12, 2023. Americans have their eyes fixed on the biggest show of the year: halftime of the Super Bowl! After 7 years without an album, Rihanna is making her big comeback, and what an event! In a total red look, dressed in a jumpsuit, she reveals her emerging baby bump! In the audience, one spectator is more emotional than the others: it is A$AP Rocky, her boyfriend and the father of her two children.

However, between them, nothing was a foregone conclusion… When they met in 2012, there was clearly chaos in the singer’s life: Rihanna was coming out of a love story that was more than eventful and well-publicized with Chris Brown, an American singer and rapper. A few years earlier, one evening in February 2009, Chris Brown completely lost his temper. That night, it’s a Grammy preview and Rihanna finds herself thrown from a car with blows to the face, a split lip and half-closed eyes…

A$AP Rocky: blocked in the friendzone by Rihanna!

It is therefore in the middle of this total confusion that A$AP Rocky and Rihanna meet within the framework of a musical collaboration. But after her toxic relationship, Rihanna doesn’t see what’s happening: ASAP Rocky has a crush on her! Then, the two artists will experience several love stories with other personalities: Drake for Rihanna, Kendall Jenner for A$AP Rocky, before confirming their couple in 2021… Finally! Today, they are the happy parents of two children.

But… how did they go from best friends to power couple in eight years? What are the different stages that marked their love story? To find out, listen to the new episode of Gossip Love!

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