Emilia and Nathy Peluso premiere “JET_Set.mp3”

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Revealing a consolidated facet, Emily He stands strong and claims to be the “paradise made woman.”

By having incredible songs and collaborations, the album MP3 of the new star of music in Spanish, Emily, has been a bomb of surprises so now a new hit is added. This is the long-awaited premiere of the song “JET_Set.mp3”along with the provocative singer Nathy Fluff.

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In this pop song with urban overtones, the singers express explosive qualities that guide you along a path of seduction and a certain feminine power, thanks to the several lines that soon reach our ears in the form of a fortress.

This energy is certainly enhanced by the rapper’s firm voice. Nathy thus being the icing on the cake. However, also Emily He demonstrates his vocal ability during the chorus, where the phrase resonates: “I don’t wanna be your lover, baby, I’m supernova”, between melodic and accelerated tones.

Likewise, the music video for “JET_Set.mp3” It takes us back to two materials from popular culture. Both select weapons, Nathy choose a katana with the elegance of the protagonist of Kill Billwhile Emily recreates his own interpretation of Lara Croft of the video game tomb Raidersimultaneously firing two pistols.

The video highlights the intense choreography that marks the different styles of both singers. And as we can see at the end of the material, for the direction the artists have chosen Facundo Ballvea director highly appreciated among the Argentine public since he has collaborated with figures such as Maria Calf, cazzu, Tiago PZKamong others.

But we won’t tell you more, you better watch it!


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