Maluma and J Balvin join forces again in ‘Gafas Negras’: this is how their song sounds

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January has been full of musical news. And the artists were waiting for 2024 to begin to take out some of their most powerful musical bets. No sooner said than done! The last to announce collaboration? Two heavyweights of Latin music: Maluma and J Balvin.

The two musical stars have announced a new song: Black Glassesyes. Of course, as we have seen on their social networks, the topic will come out under their real names. “Don Juan x Don José.” The two artists have shared a photo session in the Caribbean where we can see them as the great friends they are. The boys appear walking with their backs to the sea with the sun in the sky. While Maluma wears a surf bodysuit and a floral swimsuit, Balvin sports an all-black tank top look. Furthermore, in the last photo we can see the two Colombians hugging.

Maluma has also shared a video in which he appears surfing. Will it have something to do with the video clip they have prepared? Along with the post, the boys have shared the release date. We will have to wait until Thursday, January 25 to hear the full result.

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A track on TikTok: this is what it sounds like

But the thing has not stopped there. Maluma has also uploaded a video to TikTok with J Balvin where we can hear some distorted notes. When silence is finally heard, we can pay attention to the conversation. “What Rio is going to steal from Paris?” Maluma asks him. “Yes, Rio is going to steal it for sure. You have to always endure that pressure, life always. You know, Karma,” Balvin answers. We don’t know if they are speaking in code or making a reference to the famous character from La Casa de Papel.

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“I’m going to put on black glasses so the note can’t be seen,” says Maluma. It is then when we begin to be able to hear the first verses of the song. Of course, the kids are smart and the beach air doesn’t allow us to hear everything they say well.



♬ original sound – Juan Luis

Five years after their collaboration

It is by no means the first time that these two artists have come together. In 2019 the two singers joined their voices in Qué Pena. But that was not the first time they released a song together. A year before, the two were in the X remix with Nicky Jam and Ozuna.

The last time they released a song? With Porfa Remix with Feis and Nicky Jam. Come on, the new union of these two stars was only a matter of time.


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