Estopa release La Rumba del Pescaílla, their first original song in Catalan

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After announcing his 25th Anniversary Tour and sell out stadiums in Madrid and Barcelona for next summer, Tow He did not want to say goodbye to 2023 without achieving one more success, with the release of his new song: La Rumba del Pescaílla. It is his first original song in Catalan, which also serves as tribute to one of his great idols: the Barcelona singer and guitarist Antonio González The Pescaíllaconsidered the father of the Catalan rumba.

His particular style with the guitar, which developed in the Gràcia neighborhood in the 1950s, has made him a reference for the city of Barcelona and for the genre. In the lyrics, entirely in Catalan, the Estopa sing: “Li deien El Pescaílla, era molt bona persona / but the one who liked the most, the city of Barcelona. In 1925 the Antonio González goes next / the fan plays, the palmes i ‘los timbales'” (They called him El Pescaílla, he was a very good person / but what he liked most was the city of Barcelona / And in 1925 Antonio González was born / playing the fan, the palms and the timbales).

The song will be part of the Muñoz brothers’ next album: estopy, which will be published in March 2024. It is the second song that we know about this new album, since at the beginning of December they released The day you leave.

The ingredients of this song, composed and produced by David and Jose Muñoz, are the guitars, the clapping and a rhythm that, like any good party, goes in growing. As already happened in, The day you leave, first preview of this new album, Estopa has Chonchi Heredia to the choirs. La Rumba del Pescaílla It is a heartfelt tribute, not only to the legacy of The Pescaílla, but also to the genre itself and the influence it has had and continues to have on the collective imagination of our country. A song that comes at a time when Catalan rumba is applying to be recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Surreal cover, how they like it

The song La Rumba del Pescaílla It has a very particular cover, very much in line with the one they launched for The day you leave, where the surreal universe and Artificial Intelligence are very present. for the topic The Pescaílla Rumba, have released a cover based on an illustration in which we see two animals that appear to be fish sitting together and playing the guitar on a beach that could be La Barceloneta, in a scene of pure surrealism, very much in the style of Jose and David.

Precisely the year El Pescaílla died, in 1999, Estopa revolutionized music thanks to songs like The slit in your skirt or Add and go. Their particular style and charisma when composing, direct lyrics, without tricks or cardboard, and rhythms that blurred the boundaries between rumba (the style they were most passionate about) and pop (what was popular at that time). The result was an unmistakable seal that is still valid and successful 25 years later.

Estopa 25th Anniversary Tour

The end of 2023 is being epic for Estota. In just a few hours, the Cornellá duo sold out the tickets for their concerts at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona and in the Cívitas Metropolitano of Madrid. Then they announced more dates in cities like Valencia, Seville or Bilbao They are also flying so their 25th Anniversary Tour It’s going to be a success.

Estopa, poster for their 25th Anniversary Tour

Estopa, poster for their 25th Anniversary Tour

In these concerts, David and José will perform all the successes that have crowned them as a reference group in genres ranging from pop to rumba to flamenco. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE FOR ESTOPA IN CONCERT.

Upcoming Dates to see Estopa live:

  • Alicante
  • Murcia
  • Grenade
  • Gijon
  • Concert Music Festival (Sancti Petri)
  • Fuengirola
  • Almeria
  • Albacete
  • Majorca
  • Tarragona
  • Valladolid
  • Pamplona
  • Saragossa

Estopa’s tour is not only limited to our country, but the band will visit other countries such as Venezuela, the United States or Chile.


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