Saiko and her ‘Saliendo Del Planeta’: this is how the songs on her tracklist sound

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We have been warning about it for several days. Since last December 15, this has been the big week of Saiko. The Granada artist was going to be releasing a new song every day until this Friday the 22nd, which would be when his new EP would be officially released. Leaving the planet. But Saiko announced a few days ago that he had undergone appendicitis surgery and that not everything would go as he planned, although the premieres have remained as scheduled.

The 15th started in style with Corleone, a song with Yandel that quickly became the soundtrack of the weekend for all his fans. But the thing hasn’t ended there. During these days, more topics have arrived – and very diverse ones – that have made Saiko’s name appear in the Instagram stories of many of your followers.

Next, we collect the songs of Leaving the planet that are defining sakurahis studio album:

Corleone ft. Yandel

Captain Yandel has joined Saiko in this song in which the sounds of reggaeton predominate. It also has the production of Sky Rompiendo. Two generations of the genre join their voices in a song that takes us straight to the dance floor.


This song unites urban sounds with electronic touches to infect us with tireless and very positive energy. Furthermore, in her video clip, Saiko takes us to those summer months and disconnection with friends.

Merry christmas

It’s time to get romantic. This ballad with urban touches of his own style is a declaration of love to his girlfriend. Saiko dedicates each and every one of her verses to him during this emotional time, and does so accompanied by a video clip that includes images of the two of them enjoying a getaway in the snow.

Darkness ft. Justin Quiles and Raul Clyde

The dog knocks on the door when someone hears this collaboration. With sounds that invite you to let yourself be carried away at the club, these three artists come together in a song that describes a night out in which they want to win over the girl they liked. This is what Saiko with Justin Quiles and Raul Clyde sounds like:

You Calm Me

Dance sounds take over this romantic song, whose video stars one of the best-known TikTok couples: Elena Gortari and Juan Pérez. The song becomes the perfect one to dedicate to that person you are in love with.

You will always come back ft. Polima Westcoast

It is another of the most anticipated collaborations on the EP. To the rhythm of reggaeton with electronic touches, these two artists come together in a song that talks about a love story.


The last song to see the light could not be other than a reggaeton session that, like others that are part of the EP, will captivate everyone present in a nightclub. With a title that simulates the design of the names that used to be used in the Messenger application, popular among young people in the late 2000s. Pure dose of nostalgia and twerking!

And you, do you have any favorites?


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