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In a packed Salle Pleyel, Europe performed an indecent quantity of hits performed with mastery and meticulousness.

40 years is worth celebrating! Reformed for over twenty years, Europe, giant of Swedish hard rock, is determined to pull out all the stops by reviewing his entire career. In front of an audience of more than two thousand fans, Joey Tempest and his band perform all the albums they have released, with the exception of the bluesy Bag of Bones (2012). They also take the opportunity to summarize their career with extracts from their future documentary screened at the start of the concert and after the intermission.

Thus, unstoppable hits like “Rock the Night” or “Superstitious”, without forgetting more recent titles like “Always the Pretenders” and “Hold Your Head Up” are performed with talent, whether it be perfectly executed solos by John Norum or the frontman’s perfectly mastered singing lines. With the exception of a few slowed down tempos, the performance is perfect.

Not content with being generous and talented, the Swedes also allow themselves some well-felt surprises, such as the beautiful acoustic cover of “Space Oddity”, as well as rarities like “Seven Doors Hotel”, “Stormwind” or “Ninja” . Obviously happy to celebrate forty years of career, the musicians ofEurope share their joy with a won over audience, until the apotheosis of the finale, with a “The Final Countdown” as dantic as it is inevitable.

  1. On Broken Wings
  2. Seven Doors Hotel
  3. Rock the Night
  4. Start from the Dark
  5. Walk the Earth
  6. Hold Your Head Up
  7. Dreamer
  8. War of Kings
  9. Vasastan
  10. Girl From Lebanon
  11. Carrie
  12. Stormwind
  13. Always the Pretenders
  14. Ninja
  15. Prisoners in Paradise
  16. Sign of the Times
  17. Space Oddity
  18. Last Look at Eden
  19. Open Your Heart
  20. Memories
  21. More Than Meets the Eye
  22. Drum solo
  23. Ready or Not
  24. Superstitious
  25. Cherokee
  26. The Final Countdown

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