Vitaa in “The Voice”: ready to make her return to the show?

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The singer sat for three years in the famous red armchairs of “The Voice” in Belgium. What did she think of her experience as a coach? Does she dream today of being part of the French jury?

Vitaa admits to having “has its time“. In an interview given to the Belgian media Télépro, on the occasion of the release of her new album “Charlotte”, the French artist gave her opinion on her participation in the shows “The Voice” in Belgium.

The interpreter of “Confessions Nocturnes” was, in fact, a coach for seasons 7 and 8 of the show before selecting apprentice singers in “The Voice Kids”, in 2020. Vitaa was also an honorary coach in 2022, in Belgium.

In France, the superstar participated in “The Voice”, on TF1, as an advisor to coach Amel Bent, in 2021.

While the next coaches of the French version of “The Voice Kids” have just been announced, has Vitaa been called to take a place in the famous red chairs? The answer is clear. “They never called on me, declares the singer to Télépro. The show has been around for 10 years, I think they would have already called on me. In any case, they didn’t do it. It is no longer a concept of the show in which I will be able to renew myself.

Vitaa uncomfortable on TV

If she will not appear on French TV screens, is Slimane’s ex-acolyte ready to return to “The Voice Belgium”? “I do not think so. I did three years on this wonderful show. I myself freed myself from the blockage I had on TV, because I never liked TV.” says Vitaa.

The one who also shone in her role as a judge in “Mask Singer” admits to never having been at ease on film sets. “TV has never been easy for me. It’s still a very artificial universe where you have to be natural and I had difficulty. I learned lots of things in Belgium. I gained a lot of self-confidence with this show. I had a blast, I brought in some incredible talent.», adds Vitaa.

In his interview for Télépro, the artist concludes: “So I don’t think I’m going to do it again whether in Belgium or in France. I did what I had to do.»

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