Extraordinary moments of Corona Capital 2023

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We already miss the festival! Remember your favorite moments.

The weekend of Crown Capital came to an end, with nostalgia for your favorite artists or with tired knees because we are no longer young, get excited with the best moments of the festival.

There was everything, unique presentations, first visits to Mexico and returns long awaited by fans. Also unrepeatable moments, such as arcade Fire that after giving one of the best sets of the festival he went out to buy merch outside the Racetrack. Yes, the same one where Mexicans demonstrate their creativity and end up enchanting the artists themselves. A few lucky people took the opportunity to take photos with the musicians.

The next day, we had the return of Thirty Seconds To Marswith the incredible Jared Letowho honored his theatrical and extroverted side, jumping from the roof of his stage to the excited audience.

pulp He stole Friday night, with a special presentation, close to the fans to the point of seeing an unforgettable postcard: Jarvis Cocker giving away pulparindos, the traditional Mexican sweet with which it shares its name, after playing “This Is Hardcore”.

He Crown Capital became an international trend because the singer Suki Waterhouse confirmed her pregnancy on stage. The British actress looked beautiful in a bright dress, with which she performed “Good Looking Boy”which did nothing to distract us from the news of her upcoming baby with Robert Pattinson.

In case you had already lost hope in love, one lucky girl was proposed to at the rhythm of “Just Like Heaven” with The Cure on the stage. She obviously answered yes and they celebrated with shouts of “how exciting” from the audience around her.

@omarenlaruta Chavo asks his girlfriend #marriage at #coronacapital23 while The Cure was playing. He told her yes #omarenlaruta #thecure #coronacapital2023 #asking for marriage #triunfoelamor #parejasdetiktok ♬ original sound-omar on the route

Speaking of iconic postcards, Damon Albarn made the collaboration real Featherweight and, within his set with Blurtouched a little piece of “She dances Alone” on the piano. To finish off with a “I love this song”, in case anyone had any doubts.

The directioners who saw the show Niall Horan They had one of the funniest moments, while the musician repeated the unique way his name is said in Spanish: “Na-yal.”

This is how it ends Crown Capital 2023, which leaves us with a good taste in our mouths, unexpected sets that will stay until we receive a new edition of the festival. See you in 2024!


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