Los Secretos postpone their December concerts due to a surgical intervention by the singer Álvaro Urquijo

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The singer Alvaro Urquijo will be operated on today to remove a polyp on your vocal cordsan intervention that forces him to postpone this year’s concerts planned in Ponferrada, Vitoria, San Sebastián and Benidorm.

As reported yesterday by the singer of The secretsdue to this surgical intervention, the concert scheduled for December 2 in Ponferrada (León) moves to February 2, 2024; the one of Victoria for December 3 it changes to February 1, 2024 and that of Saint Sebastian On December 15, the January 6, 2024.

Lastly, that of Benidorm (Alicante) scheduled for December 17, the March 17reports EFE.

“We greatly regret these postponements and all the inconveniences they may cause,” the statement says.

Regarding the return of tickets, those who cannot attend the concerts on the new dates will be able request the return at the same points of sale where they were acquired.

“We sincerely thank you for your understanding in this situation, and very soon we will be back on stage with Álvaro stronger than ever”concludes the statement.

‘A Tu Lado’, a musical with Los Secretos

In By your sidethe members of the group They narrate in first person the story of Los Secretosreviewing their career, the people who were part of it and the circumstances that have turned them into a mythical group without which it is impossible to understand the Spanish musical panorama of the last 35 years.

The first confirmed stops will be in the Apollo Theater in Madrid the days fifteen, 22 and 29 January 2024 and the January 21st in it Arriaga Theater in Bilbao. Tickets for these shows are now on sale at lossecretosatulado.es and the group has announced that they will soon announce more cities.

In the musical section, The soundtrack is composed of the most emblematic songs, masterfully enriching this exciting story. Thus, for the first time, topics such as Let me, Oblivion Street, Cat Eyes, Down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams either But your side They are a narrative vehicle that not only musically illustrates the work, but also gives it a dramatic character. You will discover how these songs are created and how each one of them is part of the lives of the members of Los Secretos and their fans.

By your side It is a unique testimony of a group that lived (and changed) the history of rock music in this country and that they now want to share with the public. In a unique night, you will witness the birth, the end and the rebirth of one of the most important groups in Spanish music through some songs that are not only part of the group’s history, but also of all of us.


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