**** GENERAL FAQ ****

Who the FAQ is WECB?

On paper WECB is Emerson’s freeform radio station. What this means is that we have a studio and we broadcast student-run radio shows from 9am-12am seven days a week. These shows stream online on our website at www.wecb.fm

But we’re also so much more than just a radio station! We are a completely student-run organization comprised of a range of teams, including Events, Marketing, Audio Production, and Music Staff, in addition to the DJs that make up the programming of our station.

What does each team do?

WECB Live! is our events team. This team hosts events for Emerson musicians such as open mics, showcases, and hires national touring bands to perform at Emerson. This team is also in charge of renting out gear to student musicians. 

If you’re interested in event management, are highly motivated and enthusiastic to get involved, and are passionate about sharing music with the Emerson music community this is the team for you!

Milk Crate is dedicated to sharing news and content about the current music scene and culture. They curate our music blog, Milk Crate, with content such as album and concert reviews, host the Staff Pix radio show, create a relevant Zine each semester, and meet weekly to discuss upcoming projects and events.

If you’re interested in meeting others who share a love for music, are keen to write reviews, and/or are interested in covering local shows this is the team for you!

Marketing and ArtWECB has a big need for promotional content. This includes posters, graphics, videos, merchandize, social media posts, and more! The Marketing team is responsible for creating said content.

If you’re interested in flexing your creative design skills, are capable of a quick production turnaround time, and want to collaborate with other talented artists then this is the team for you!

Audio Team is Emerson’s think-tank for audio creatives. This team learns the in-and-outs of both live and digital audio production in order to assist with our many events throughout the year. Additionally this team aids local artists in recording and producing their albums and/or EPs.

If you’re highly motivated, have a passion for audio tech, desire to learn more about live audio and digital production, and are keen to help out at our events this is the team for you!

How can I get involved?

Submit a written application for the team(s) you want to apply for! Applications will be made available at the start of the semesterly Org Fair. You can also grab an application from the basement of Ansin. We have a table in the lobby of the basement. This is also where you submit your completed applications. Be sure not to confuse us with WERS- they’re a completely different org!

When are applications due?

All applications are due by the end of the first week following the Org Fair. All of our applications are online so they are very easily accessible.

Where do I take my application?

Applications can be submitted either online or in-person to the Head of whatever team you are applying to, or in the application box in the basement of Ansin. WE have a table in the lobby of the basement. But, be sure not to confuse us with WERS- they’re a completely different org!

Do I need to sign up for an interview?

Prospective DJs- Yes! You can find the interview sign up sheet on the WECB Instagram page. 

Other Teams- After your application has been reviewed by the Heads of whatever team you are applying for, they will contact you to arrange an interview.

Can I receive a non-tuition credit for WECB?

Yes! All members of WECB receive a non-tuition credit for their participation with our org at the end of each semester, if they are in continued in good-standing. (As long as you follow our rules and participate as expected you’ll be in good-standing!) However, it is important to note that students may only receive one non-tuition credit per semester, and a total of four non-tuition credits during their time at Emerson. 

I have more questions. Who can I talk to? 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Aidan O’Flaherty, who is the General Manager of the station. You can reach him at [email protected]

Is there a place I can give feedback on my experience in WECB?

WECB wants to make sure we create a safe and inclusive environment as a student organization. If you have any concerns or would like to report an incident of bias within WECB, please feel free to fill out this form and we will work to address the situation appropriately. This form should take about 10-15 minutes to fill out and you have the option to remain anonymous. Click “share a concern”.