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realme C67 is the new smartphone from realme. New model of the C series is equipped with a 108MP camera, 6nm Snapdragon 685 processor and has features that make it a protagonist in its price segment.

To be a technology brand that better understands young people, realme has revamped its positioning to reflect this commitment and advance its mission: to empower young users around the world with technology experiences that exceed expectations.

In 2024 the new slogan “Make it real” highlights this new brand identity, which puts the European market at the center, of increasingly strategic importance for realme.

For realme, this year’s priority will be to preserve its position in the Top 4 and maintain the primacy of the fastest growing company in Europe, an objective that it will strive to achieve with greater brand enhancement through new investments in terms of business and product. In parallel, realme will strive to support the world of sports in the European context and create and celebrate unforgettable moments with young people by elevating their experiences through an always up-to-date mobile imaging experience.


Of strategic importance to the brand, the C Series has reached its biggest milestone, reaching 100 million units shipped, making the previous model – realme C55 – the best-selling product of 2023, whose volume increased by 300% in terms of daily sales; realme is now preparing to go through a phase of notable transformation with the return of the Campione C67 product: the flagship model of the series in terms of innovation.


Four standards of innovation: photography, performance, design and experience

realme C67 offers a 108MP camera with 3X zoom and the largest sensor in its price range. The C67 supports direct output of 108MP images, the highest values ​​in its segment, where every pixel works on the image processing, resulting in particularly sharp photos.

3X In-sensor Zoom technology uses 12 million pixels at the center of the 108MP sensor to enable perfect photo capture. In addition to the 3X In-sensor Zoom, realme C67 also offers the dedicated 3X Portrait function for shots of people, capable of clearly maintaining focus with a natural bokeh effect, which also gives greater depth.

Thanks to the largest sensor in the segment, realme C67 boasts the highest night capture capabilities, with a 132% increase in light detection area. This means that users can capture photos with excellent color rendition, depth and clarity even at night.

The C67 model is equipped with a Snapdragon 685 processor, the first 6nm Snapdragon processor present on the C Series. The Snapdragon 685 processor is optimized for power and efficiency, for a pleasantly fluid and stable user experience even in the most demanding activities. Compared to the realme C55, the C67 offers a 15% increase in CPU performance and 10% increase in GPU performance.

realme C67 is equipped with a 950 nit display which guarantees excellent visibility even in direct sunlight. Furthermore, it is the first smartphone in its price range to remove the plastic screen bezel, a design feature typically reserved for flagship devices. On the back the C67 is available in two colors, Sunny Oasis and Black Rock, and has the thinnest body in the segment at just 7.59 mm thick. Advanced 420nm gradient coating technology on the back creates pleasing color effects, with deeper textures and layers that uniquely reflect and refract light.

Designed for the needs of younger people, the C67 offers a premium experience in its price range, from hardware to software. With the Mini Capsule 2.0 users can enjoy more interactive software functions. When playing music, for example, they will receive dynamic music pop-ups that allow them to switch between songs simply by swiping left or right. The same interactive function will be applied to the weather animation for always timely updates.

The C67 offers an all-round champion experience in other aspects too, such as 256GB storage, 360° NFC for faster swiping speeds and dual stereo speakers. With its revolutionary camera, performance, cutting-edge design and smooth user experience, it is poised to become the champion of this segment, setting new standards.


realme C67 in the 8+256 variant is available starting today at the recommended price of €239.99, with an introductory offer, from 6 to 12 February, at €199.99 at Mediaworld, Unieuro, Trony, Expert & Euronics.



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