Susanna Griso criticizes the song ‘Zorra’ when her company has a series called ‘Zorras’

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Bitch, The Nebulossa song that will represent Spain in Eurovision is giving a lot of talk. The topic, which continues to gain listeners on the platforms (it has reached number 3 Global on Spotify), has become one of the main debate conversations in the general media. And some of them see the lyrics of the song as a provocation that can end the childhood of boys and girls. Isn’t anyone going to think about them? Susanna Griso has done it.

“The season is open for kids and boys to catch and call their classmate ‘bitch’ because, in short, there is a song that is going to Eurovision using that motto,” said the presenter on Espejo Público. But she didn’t stop there. Before saying these words, Susanna said the following: “I approach this debate with the word ‘faggot’. What would the LGTBI community think if the song was ‘faggot, faggot, faggot, you’re a faggot’?”

Well, if Susanna Griso wanted to listen to the LGTBI community, she has achieved it. And, for years, the word “faggot” has been reappropriated by the LGTBI community. The insult, which thousands of LGTBI people have suffered throughout their lives, has recently been reappropriated by the community itself. And it has been culture, through music, series and movies, that have helped achieve this.

Daniel Valero, known on social networks as Tigrillo, has been sharing her LGTBI activism on social networks for years. That is why she wanted to show Susanna Griso several musical examples of the word Maricón reappropriated in songs.

From the Faggot who catapulted a very young Samantha Hudson years ago to the Above, Faggot by Kika Lorace, passing through the Faggot by Laskaar. Come on, they have given the presenter a good beating.

But it doesn’t stop there, Bob Pop, the screenwriter and writer, also created the series Maricón Perdido two years ago. AND no one raised a cry to the sky.

The Zorras series didn’t catch his attention either.

Another thing that draws attention is thatwhen the series premiered Sluts at Atresmedia, Last July, neither Susanna Griso nor any of her collaborators raised a cry. And the theme of the fiction, starring Andrea Ros, Mirela Balic and Tai Fati, is about three friends who want to have fun who found the slut club with the aim of fulfilling their sexual fantasies. A fiction that deals with sexual liberation and where the protagonists themselves already appropriated the term to give it a positive meaning. Does it sound true to you?

In fact, during the month of July, Antena 3 aired some promos for the series during its breaks. They also talked about fiction in the most watched spaces on the network.

Mónica Carrillo and Matías Prats promoting ‘Zorras’ on Antena 3

Fiction, like the rest of the group’s products, also had its promotions within the chain. Matías Prats and Mónica Carrillo promoted the fiction on Antena 3 News (the most viewed on television) to millions of viewers. Of course, at the time no one was shocked. And rightly so, because there is nothing wrong with that. And in all houses they cook beans.


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