How has Taylor Swift prepared physically for The Eras Tour?

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If there is a show that this year has starred in all kinds of headlines, news, comments and viral videos on social networks, it has been The Eras Tour. From the great problems getting tickets for the first part of the tour in the United States, which were accompanied by a complaint to Ticketmaster, to the announcements and records that have been experienced on the stage of large stadiums, No one has been able to escape Taylor Swift fever in the best year of her career.

A repertoire of 44 songs, more than a dozen costume changes and a duration of around three and a half hours characterize this unique show., the most ambitious in the career of our favorite blonde. Quite a show that, on the other hand, takes months and months of preparation.

Beyond the technical characteristics of the stage assembly and the visual means (during their tour in the United States three different teams traveled along the country’s roads to get a show ready that on average takes 6 days to put together), The singer herself has had to undergo gigantic training routines to be able to undergo this unprecedented challenge.. Something that she was able to reveal during her interview for Times magazine after being named Person of the Year by the publication:

Every day he ran on the treadmill, singing the entire repertoire out loud. Fast during fast songs and jog or walk quickly for slow songs.“. As journalist Sam Lansky has learned, in addition, her gym (Dogpound) created a personalized program for her, with strength, conditioning and weight exercises. “Then I had three months of dance training, because I wanted it to sink into my bones.. “I wanted to have everything so rehearsed that it would allow me to be silly and be funny to my fans without losing focus or my train of thought.”

Parallel, He made the decision to stop drinking during the tour, as he did not want to ever be in the situation of performing a concert while hungover.. And all of this is necessary for Taylor to be able to get on stage for three nights in a row and give 100% of herself. Of course, the next day she can’t move a muscle: “I don’t leave bed except to get food and come back to bed to eat it there. I can barely talk because I’ve been singing for three nights in a row. Every time I take a step my feet go ‘crunch, crunch, crunch’ from dancing in heels. I know I’m going to get on stage regardless of whether I’m sick, hurt, heartbroken, uncomfortable, or stressed. It’s part of my identity now. If someone buys a ticket for my concert, I will leave unless we have a force majeure cause“.

And so it has been. We have seen the soloist sing under the storm and at high temperatures. Only postponing 2 shows (out of 66) as a result of a great heat wave and inclement weather to protect the safety of her fans and the team that accompanies her. Now, the singer is enjoying a well-deserved rest, but she will return to the stage next February taking The Eras Tour to Tokyo.


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