Review: ARTIE 5IVE & RONDODASOSA – “Motivation 4 The Streetz”

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Bicocca and San Siro, two districts of Milan that are about ten kilometers away from each other, about fifteen metro stops.

Popular suburbs different in many respects but at the same time with a lot in common: the street, the buildings, the dream of downtown, the social revenge.

At San Siro there is Rondodasosa, born in 2002 and on the other side at Bicocca Artie 5ive, born in 2000.

“Motivation 4 The Streetz” is their meeting point. The joint album that defines them. Artie is one of the undisputed players of the new generation, his is a deep, muscular rap that envelops you, almost like Marracash, Rondo shoots bars at a thousand an hour but he also knows how to be melodic and sing.

For this collaboration there is a visual and highly symbolic combination between red and blue, their representative colours, which has signified an idea of ​​union and collaboration between different realities since the first singles by Artie 5ive and Rondodasosa published together. It is a true and sincere understanding that is born through music and that develops to the nth degree to bring one’s reality to everyone’s eyes, it is the motivation for an objective that moves the streets in which it was born and that is told through the rhymes, just like what happened at the dawn of Hip Hop culture.

They immediately release the manifesto of their joint in the skit-title track:

For the marginalized, for the children of immigrants, for the different, for the strange, for those not to associate with, for the sluts, the addicts. For those who have fallen into ruin, for the sick, the prisoners, the victims, the bullied, the poor, single mothers and single mothers. For dead fathers and single fathers.
For my land, where fallen comrades rest. To our fallen comrades, because life is more than this. Or maybe, because our life is just that.
It is the path we represent, the bigger plan, the whole picture.
Use my words however you want, this is for you.
QThis will forever be your point of reference.
Here you will find motivation, revenge, revenge.
The desire of two young hustlers to prove to everyone that it is possible to do it.
We are the voice of the street kids who return home in the evening and think about what to do with their lives.
Plan, vision, manifest.

Inside there is a bit of everything. There is exasperated flexing, sometimes absurd, cruel, raw, real, but there is also introspection, the desire to build a new day, there is social revenge, the search for a place in the world.

To consolidate their project there are also various collaborations with many Italian urban names: Capo Plaza, Rose Villain, Achille Lauro, Rasty Kilo, Tony Effe and Bello Figo.
Everyone has a point in common with the two. Not something stuck together but a stylistic fusion with the two.

Artie plus Rondo, this is the album of the year
Rondo da Vinci, I treat this record like a painting
Artie’s rhymes are art, Michelangelo

Maybe it won’t be the album of the year, but in their own way this too is art!

SCORE: 7.00


Red&Blue -Hoodrich – If I died today


50 minutes, very tense between pumping rhymes, distorted sounds and a lot of bullshit…


Motivation 4 The Streetz (skit)
Business Guru
Nothing Happens feat. Cape Plaza
Better 4 Me
Hall Of Fame feat. Rose Villain
I’m from where
Crisis of withdrawal feat. Achille Lauro
Gambler feat. Rasty Kilo
Matrix (skit)
Live or die
Yeh Oh!
Diamonds feat. Tony Effe
Gun in the Jeans (Cripwalk) feat. Nice Cool
If I died today


Rondo DaSosa

2022 – Trenches Baby
2023 – Motivation 4 the Streetz

Artie 5ive

2023 – Waiting for the good life
2023 – Motivation 4 the Streetz



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