Interview with Giant Rooks


“We want these songs to last a lifetime and that takes time.”

Giant Rooksthe project from Hamm, Germany, and which in 2022 was responsible for bursting the Indie Rocks! Forum, returns to Mexico City, but now to expose all his potential and talent in front of the audience that decides to enjoy his proposal in the next edition of the Crown Capital.

On their return to our city, the German musicians do not arrive empty-handed and will bring 5 new singles for the Mexican public. These new tracks They are part of what will be How have you been? their second studio album that will arrive next February.

With this imminent visit to our country, we sat down to enjoy a little chat with Frederik Rabe and Finn Schwieterswho spoke to us about the new material, the inspiration behind its lyrics and about its upcoming performance at the Crown Capital.

In recent months, Giant Rooks has presented the singles “Morning Blue,” “Bedroom Exile,” “Somebody Like You,” “For You” and “Cold War”tracks that present a line of writing that focuses on the exploration of positive emotions within change, along with a cohesive rhythm that demonstrates the growth of the musicians within their own art.

We worked on this second album more like a band, since when we finished the first one, we tried several things and ended up writing a lot, but it couldn’t come together. That’s why in the end the five of us sat down in our rehearsal room to let the magic flow that would make us sound like a complete unit,” Finn explained.

Unlike other projects that write new material while continuing with world tours or constant shows, Giant Rooks He focused on opening a space where they could rest from the wear and tear of the year, and then give free rein to their ideas in an exclusive space for writing. This, in addition to taking pressure off the group, allowed for an increase in excitement about returning to the stage to present a completely new set.

“It was a summer with many festivals, but we have everything ready to bring the new to the forefront and to present it to everyone who enjoys our project. We are living a great moment, rehearsing a lot to close the year as we should and we believe that we are ready to try anything and achieve it,” Finn said.

“This is all very refreshing and exciting. We have been playing the same songs for about five or six years, so I am very excited about all of this and we want to share it with everyone,” Frederik concluded.

Something curious that surrounds all these new releases is that each one comes with its live version, this because Giant Rooks He enjoys premiering his songs live and giving those small details to his audience that is always in charge of filling the spaces where the Germans perform. About this Finn and Frederik they comment:

We have already played many of the songs from the upcoming album at our concerts. We like to see everything as a process in which we manage to mix the old set with the new, it’s like a very organic and exciting growth,” Finn shared.

“Presenting new songs on stage makes me very nervous, because people can’t sing with you and they are very attentive to everything we do, but when you see that everyone likes it, it is an unmatched emotion,” he expressed. Frederic.

These previews present a band that is not afraid to experiment with its potential and that enjoys creating new music for its fans, all while breaking the myth that surrounds the second album, which generally makes the work of young projects more complex due to the little time they have to its creation.

“We wouldn’t recommend anyone to work the way we do. Because, even though we all end up getting together to write, we never throw anything away and we keep working constantly. So, we never stop writing and we take our time to achieve the sounds and goals we want,” he said. Frederic.

We never felt the pressure of the second album, on the contrary, we wanted to create an album that was timeless and could always feel fresh. To achieve something like this you must be calm, we want these songs to last a lifetime and that takes time,” he commented.or Finn.

After a great sold out in it Indie Rocks Forum! Last year, Germans returned to our city to enjoy the atmosphere and energy of the Crown Capital.

“Brother, we are very excited. He is one of the best line-ups that we have seen, it has a great mix of genres and the truth is there is something for everyone. Besides, we will be returning to Mexico, I remember our concert last year and I can’t help but get excited,” he said.SW Frederic.

“The Mexican public is incredible, we were sold out at our first concert there and it is incredible to think that a band that emerged from a small German town can connect so much with an audience so far from our home,” he commented. Finn.

We leave you the most recent releases of Giant Rooks so you can prepare to sing with them next Saturday, November 18.


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