Going to concerts helps you live longer

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Science confirmed that watching your favorite band gives you an extra decade of life.

Eternal youth was hidden in concerts and if you are addicted to them you could live up to ten more years. A recent study proves that listening to live music improves our quality of life by up to 20%: it helps our mental and physical health.

In a study carried out by Professor Patrick Fagan It was proven that those who attend at least one concert every 15 days have a better state of emotional health, self-perception and levels of happiness. The tests compared activities such as yoga or walking with a pet, with access to live music being the most efficient.

With the help of the company O2which is a concert distributor, the professor assured that constant attendance at musical events (in any measure, from a show in a cafeteria to a festival) increases well-being in our emotional health, especially when we listen to music in the company of others. .

This has the same effects as children who learn to play an instrument and do better in school. So with another decade of life, you have the perfect excuse to continue enjoying concerts instead of going to work.


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Christopher Johnson

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