Interview with Paz Padilla and Anna Ferrer: “If our parents had gone to the psychologist, today we would not have to spend our salary on therapy”

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Paz Padilla and Anna Ferrer They are embarked on the journey of their life and you can accompany them, yes, yes, as you read. Mother and daughter have immersed themselves in the most remote places in the world to show you the different cultures and traditions that exist in relation to life and death. At least, that is the goal that mother and daughter have in the new docureality, You’re missing a trip.

Now, have come to the WECB studio to tell us their most personal anecdotes, how they organize the —already famous—Christmas at their house and they open up about the cancellation on social networks.

Paz Padilla and Anna Ferrer present ‘You’re missing a trip’: “We have entered a neighborhood where we had to go with three drug traffickers”

Anna’s anecdotes with her mother

The presenter’s daughter assures that He could spend days telling the anecdotes he has with her. “When I was littleMy mother always made a fool of me when my friends came home, So at first I was very embarrassed (…) I wanted my mother to be a normal mother, who carries Kleenex in my bag, to take my snack with me. But she’s never been like that.”

Peace He remembers some of the pranks he did to his daughter when she was a teenager. “I pretended to be drunk when her friends came over, it was very funny.” “I had a terrible timeuntil I realized that my friends found it funny, Then I told him to make more jokes (…) People already wanted to come to my house and they liked me better,” he confesses. Anna between laughs.

I pretended to be drunk when his friends came over, it was very funny

Paz Padilla

In the middle of filming, Anna suffered an anxiety attack and the actress I tried to calm her down by singing the song “one balloon, two balloons, three balloons….”, something that pissed off his daughter.

“Don’t invalidate my emotions. This is how my generation is, because your generation has not gone to the psychologist. If our parents had gone to the psychologist, today we would not have to spend our salary on therapy because it is very expensive,” the content creator reproaches her.

Christmas at the Padilla house

Anna He comments that the expectation that exists creates too much pressure for him. Paz assures that he has already started organizing this year’s decorations. “Just know that I don’t sleep thinking about everything I have to do. From one year to the next I already decide

The presenter does not let her daughter see any of the preparation, so she enters her house with her eyes covered. The game is that until she sees it, her mother doesn’t post anything online and everyone is expectant. Therefore, on Three Kings Day, the influencer wakes up with many messages.

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Cancellation in networks

According to Peace, Anna When doing the program I was afraid of cancellation on social networks.

“I told him ‘Gorda, you are such a wonderful being and you are so pretty that no one can tell you that they don’t like you (…) because if they don’t like you, who can like you?‘. A being like she is, a being of light, so beautiful, so noble, so intelligent, so cultured, so beautiful…”, confessed the television collaborator. “She’s my mother, you can tell, right?” adds the influencer. the content creator laughs.

This and much more. Don’t miss the full interview and press play!


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