Isaac Delusion reveals his soul on the album, ‘Lost and Found’

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The French group presents its long-awaited fourth album, while Loïc Fleury leads a new musical and emotional era.

After a three-year hiatus, Isaac Delusion returns with his long-awaited fourth studio album, Lost and Found via Delusion Records, marking a new chapter in the group’s musical evolution. This project has left their fans eager to explore the emotional depths of their music and enjoy the unique experience they offer at their concerts.

The album, scheduled for release today, January 26, is the result of a radical transformation in the life of Loic Fleury. After a European tour interrupted by the pandemic, the group’s leader decided to escape urban suffocation and move to Brittany with his family. This spontaneous decision inspired the creation of Lost and Found.

The new album explores a gentler side of the music of Isaac Delusion, offering a dazzling and relaxing pop experience. The clear melodies never sacrifice lyrical depth, expressing frustration as a driving force.

The album features a rich selection of songs, from the enveloping “Let Her Go” in collaboration with LUCASVeven the spectacular “All Day” with the voice of Olivia Merilahti. The variety of emotions on each track demonstrates the depth of the group.

In addition to the revelation of Lost and Found, Isaac Delusion has announced a world tour in 2024, with stops in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and France. After one last unfinished tour, this is an unmissable opportunity for fans to witness the group’s magic live.

Lost and Found promises to be a musical gem that takes listeners on a unique emotional journey. Not only is it a triumphant return of Isaac Delusion, but also a testament to the group’s ability to captivate its audience.


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