Karol G is moved by Anahí’s words at her last RBD concert: “You and I forever”

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Karol G, like an entire generation, grew up hooked on Rebel. Like so many teenagers who grew up in the early 2000’s, little Carolina wanted to be one of the students at the Elite Way School and sing all of RBD’s songs on stage. And who doesn’t? It is true that he never officially wore the uniform of the series, but he was able to get on stage and sing one of the group’s songs with Mia Colucci herself. Together with Anahí she performed the song from Sálvame at the Arena Ciudad de México in 2022. A great moment that is already the history of the RBD group.

Now, it has been Anahí who has winked at the interpreter of Cob. The singer, who is on tour with RBD in Latin America, came out on stage wearing a t-shirt that read: Team Bichota. “Carolina, love is repaid with love, my queen. I love you,” said she, who played Mia Colucci. It is no coincidence that she did it in the last concert she gave with RBD. And it was in Medellín.

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Karol G’s nice response

Karol G has not only thanked Anahí for the gesture in the comments of the video she uploaded on Instagram, where we can read “You and me x100pre”, tHe has also dedicated a beautiful text to him in his stories. A letter where he makes clear the great admiration he feels for the Mexican star. These are the words of

“I want to share with you how deeply happy, surprised and touched I feel to be honored by you. In a world where competition and personal interests often dominate, it is a true gift to find someone who genuinely recognizes the impact and value that other people have in your life. Knowing that even though you are living such a sublime moment in your career, you remembered me, thought of me and planned a detail that was going to make me feel exactly how I feel now… I can’t find the words to describe the feeling, gratitude and joy that my little heart feels right now. It makes me very happy to know that you value and appreciate everything that happened to us together as much as I do. Thank you, with all my heart, for this gesture and I hope that our friendship and connection remain this special as time goes by. You and me forever.”

Without a doubt, Karol G and Anahí’s relationship is very close. The artists became great friends last 2022. Since that moment, many have asked for a collaboration with them. Who knows, maybe they will be encouraged to do a song together. And the songs between friends always flow.


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