The Dom Kiris Playlist for November 2023

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Our columnist Dom Kiris presents his playlist for November 2023. Find U2, Johnny Marr and many others.

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U2 – Atomic City

The guitars sound very The Clash, and the bridge is from the Beach Boys. Without citing all the influences, Debbie Harry and Giorgio Moroder are well credited alongside U2 for this double homage to New Wave and Las Vegas which in the 50’s was nicknamed “Atomic City” by nuclear tourism.

The Rolling Stones – Sweet Sounds Of Heaven

In the vein of great soul orchestrations, “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven” recalls the boom years of The Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger treats himself to a Gospel counter-song with Lady Gaga, while Stevie Wonder puts his genius on a good old Moog. The Stones won’t do Let It Bleed again, but it’s a good try.

Gaslight Anthem feat. Bruce Springsteen – Book history

By saying that there was all the ardor of Springsteen in the punk lyricism of Gaslight Anthem, a collaboration ended up coming to fruition. Brian Fallon can’t believe he wrote this page of history with his hero. The two strong voices from New Jersey get along wonderfully on this anthem to resilience.

Robert Finley – You Got It (And I Need It)

His voice snaps like an alligator’s jaw as he tells his stories of the Black Bayou. According to Dan Auerbach, his biggest admirer, the musicians improvised old Deep South blues, while Robert Finley made up lyrics as he went along for a tasty gumbo of spicy one-liners.

The Coral – The Sinner

The outsiders of Britpop have cast off like conquerors of the new world. Inspired, The Coral released two fabulous albums this year, both sound like imaginary Spaghetti Western soundtracks with tremolo guitar and Mexican serenade, and all this without moving from Liverpool.

Richard Hawley – Not The Only Road

Richard Hawley’s vocation as a singer came late, he worked for a long time as a guitarist for Sheffield groups, from Pulp to Arctic Monkeys. Yet his atmospheric crooner voice is monumental. “Not The Only Road” makes a loop returning to the lonely road taken 20 years ago.

The Vaccines – Heartbreak Kid

No doubt, both melancholic and mischievous, “Heartbreak Kid” bears the signature of The Vaccines, always full of surf guitar drowned in reverb. Loss and heartbreak being a bit of Justin Young’s stock in trade, he always balances his spleen with a euphoric chorus to sing at the top of his lungs.

Johnny Marr – Somewhere

Playing the guitar means that you are never alone, wrote Johnny Marr in his biography. Since the end of the Smiths, the guitar-anti hero has accompanied beautiful people, but his solo albums have remained confidential. His first Best Of sets the record straight for Big Ben with the convincing “Somewhere” as a bonus.

Lucky Pepper – Easier Said Than Done

A good, straightforward rock’n’roll track with all the catchy shots that have proven their worth. Easier said than done, this exercise in dusting off the genre is perfectly succeeded by Lucky Pepper led by a guitarist-singer with a fresh voice straight out of a spatio-temporal fault of the 60’s.

Quintana Dead Blues eXperience – I wish That You’d Never Been There

On stage and in the studio, Piero Quintana is a One Man Rock’n’roll Electro-heavy blues. This option leaves no choice but to play on the brutal emotion under the sweaty leather. Minimalist, “I wish That You Never Been There” is built on the foundations of blues but soars like a stoner cathedral.

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