Martí Batres renames PILARES in honor of Rita Guerrero

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The Head of Government renamed the Point of Freedom, Art, Education and Knowledge (PILARES) in honor of the Mexican rock icon Rita Guerrero.

On November 17, the Head of Government visited the Point of freedom, Art, Education and Knowledge (PILARES) located in the Linear Park “Phoenix”in the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office, to rename it in honor of Rita GuerreroMexican rock icon, human rights defender, actress, composer and founder of the University Student Council.

He highlighted that Rita She was a tireless fighter for the human and social rights of the Zapatista indigenous communities and defender of freedom, who recalled the importance of learning from the past to transform society.

Marti Batres He remembered that in his youth he went to concerts of Rita with the band Saint Sabina As a member of the CEU, she later commented that she was part of the left-wing parliamentary faction of the Chamber of Deputies that opened dialogue with representatives of the Zapatista national liberation army, a protest also promoted by the singer.

Rita and Saint Sabina They played and sang in the Zócalo again and again, and on some occasions they stood near here, in front of San Lázaro, to demand that they receive the delegates of the indigenous peoples who were walking here. Then the left was a minority in the Chamber of Deputies, at that time I had to be part of that parliamentary fraction that was 51 out of 500, a little more than 10 percent, but I am filled with emotion when I remember that at that time, being very few , we demanded that the platform be opened to the Zapatista indigenous people and we achieved it, the platform was opened. And in those struggles we remember the voice of Rita Guerrero”, he indicated.

The Undersecretary of Government Inti Muñoz Santini, highlighted that Warrior He was a leader of young artists who revolutionized society, defended freedom of expression and promoted the appropriation of public space with concerts in squares.

By the general coordinator of the community education subsystem PILARES, Javier Hidalgo Ponce celebrated the rescue of this space for culture and community development, since before it used to be a garbage dump and now it will be a center attached to the convictions of Rita icon of Mexican rock, a place for teaching through the exchange of knowledge between people of all ages.

Surely his spirit will be present here, teaching girls and boys, inspiring creation, creativity, solidarity. The democratic city, this democratic city of rights, this libertarian city undoubtedly owes a lot to the voice of Rita Guerrero and here will be that voice to be transmitted to the young women, to the young men, to the adults, to all the people, because that was Rita“love and solidarity through art,” he commented. Inti Muñoz Santini undersecretary of government.

PILARES, Rita Guerrero It will join four others that are dedicated to great exponents of music who promote children, young people and adults to learn to play instruments and enjoy art.


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