MORGAN: I felt it was rowing to make me feel not included

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Morgan doesn’t agree with the “satellite edict”, as he defines it and, this afternoon, he organized a press conference on WhatsApp to have his say on the “dismissal” from XFactor.

This morning a press release from the production of XFactor effectively “fired” him from the program. The reasons were Morgan’s utterances in last Thursday’s episode.

In the press conference he told his reasons.

I feel used but in reality they are the ones who lose out! People who only have profit in mind.

I feel like a man who lives in a drifting reality, who witnesses with his own eyes a frightening humanistic shipwreck. Where the censorship of words, where the lack of moral and cultural values ​​have reached an unthinkable level at the time of the edicts of Biagi and Santoro.

They came looking for me to involve me with deafening insistence because I didn’t have the slightest intention of doing XFactor.
They have messed up my life, my balance, my serenity, my family and my projects regained with so much dedication and effort over the years.
I have gone through difficult times from which I have always emerged with the strength of my dedication, with study, with the love of music, with passionate dissemination.
I had re-established a delicate and much desired balance.

They flattered me with “sailors’ promises”, because they kept none.
I told them: please don’t ruin my peace of mind again, I’m finally doing my program on Rai, Stramorgan, a true musical oasis in a world that had lost its beauty, I was finishing my album of unreleased songs with Panella, I told them begging them not to come and destroy my peace with their frenzy.
They courted to the point that they told me to ask for anything I wanted: I didn’t ask for money, but guarantees of quality and respect.

I asked: media protection.
Free will in song choices.
The possibility of having a summer music event on television produced by them in collaboration with Rai.
They kept nothing.

This affair only makes me speed up my time to return to Rai, where I can do public service, doing cultural dissemination, the only thing that interests me.
I can’t wait to go back!

I said something ironic to Fedez, immediately apologizing via message.
He, however, was very violent towards me and said some terrible things to me after the episode.
He shouted and cursed. I was in the dressing room with my daughter and he kept shouting you have to kick him out, either me or him, or me or him….

I react to this human wickedness without becoming like them.

I went to undermine the balance of an economic system.
They asked for my head, I don’t know who, one can make hypotheses but in the end I can think that everyone asked for it.
They are all the same thing, they are a work team that occupied XFactor.

I felt a lot of enmity in there and no respect towards me. I felt that she was trying to hurt me, to make me feel not included, to do me disfavor from different points of view.

I can’t leave the poor Astromares, who are very good, in the hands of any of those three! I was writing a piece for Astromare.
I will never stop dreaming. How beautiful is the naivety of creativity!

There would be grounds for filing a labor law lawsuit, because in this case it is about having unmotivatedly and discriminately dismissed a figure called for his competence which has been fully fulfilled. I think we have more reasons, but the problem is who wants to sue! I have much more important things, I have to write a book on Beethoven, what do I care about suing these people.

A raging river that continued for about two hours answering various questions from journalists.

Now his new album will be released (Friday 24 November) Yes, of course love with music by Morgan and lyrics by Morgan and Pasquale Panella.
The song anticipates the release of the new album…AND THEREFORE IN SUM AND this is finally another chapter!


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