Nena Daconte relaunches ‘Vuelve’, the song she composed in OT 20 years ago

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The Madrid artist Mai Menesescurrently leading the project Nena Dacontewanted to have a detail with his fans and perhaps also with his past self, giving a new life to his first song: Comes back. “It turns out that at the concerts, many people remembered her and asked me for her. Is she coming back? I didn’t pay attention to them…”, she began writing on her social networks. “It had been more than 20 years since I published that song. It was like from another time…” she remembers.

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But it was a very specific moment in which she decided to take the step, re-record the song, give it a new sound and arrangements to recover the essence of the song and make it make sense in 2024. In the words of the artist herself: “In a birthday of Los Javis where I went to sing as a surprise gift, Borque started talking to me about Comes back with a passion… I don’t know if it was because of the joy of the moment, the general good vibes or what, but it convinced me. ‘Of course, you have to revisit Come back! It was your first song!!! Plus, just 20 years ago!!!’”

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Comes back is a song that Mai composed in Operación Triunfo 2002, a program in which she participated more than twenty years ago and in which she shared classes with artists such as Manuel Carrasco, Beth, Nika, Vega or Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedra, the latter winner of the edition. The song talked about a love that I missed and had a really special melody that if you lived through that moment, you will surely remember. One of the most popular verses on the topic said: “Come back, I want you to return to my arms / And feel that monotony / of being sure of your kisses / and for every corner of that head of yours to always be mine.”

For this review of Comes back, the artist has had the musician Chema Moreno, who plays with her in Nena Daconte and also has his own project, Moreno. In reference to him, she has written: “He got to work and with a more folk touch we have brought Comes back to the present…”

Of course, the review of this song is very much in line with Nena Daconte’s latest compositions, which have been recreating more organic sounds. Compared to the original theme, this Comes back It also sounds more deliberate and thoughtful.


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