Nil Moliner: “Buenafuente’s voice has been my refuge while making Lugar Paraíso”

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Nil Moliner is back at WECB Global Show. The singer recently visited the central studio of Hits Radio to present his new studio album, Paradise Place. The album, the songs that she keeps in a drawer and her friendship with Dani Fernández and Álvaro de Luna were some of the topics discussed in this interview with Tony Aguilar that you cannot miss.

The ‘Paradise Place’ thing

Paradise Place It is the most varied album because the songs are not similar to each other. There are many universes, each song is different, and it is an album that has allowed me to play with the lyrics and melodies. I have written it from my Paradise Placethat place from which I dream, from which I am sad, from where I dance… from where I do everything”.

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24 hours live

“I spent 24 hours writing one day and came up with thirteen ideas, but a song needs to mature and I need it to be pampered, beyond what people saw in that Instagram live, which was releasing ideas and building something. I’m sure some will come out later that day. Right now I have more than 200 songs saved in a drawer. ”.

The little problem with ‘Fly high’

“I liked it so much fly high I wanted to get it out immediately. I spoke to my team and he told me there was a problem: ‘The disk is already at the factory.’ But I wanted to release it anyway because it’s a song that means a lot to me. On the digital disk it is, but on the physical one there has not been time to add it”.

Andreu Buenafuente

“In the two years that I have been composing the album, I listened to many podcasts where Andreu was And for me, having a voice that has been a refuge for me open the album is very important.”

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Saving the world with Dani Fernández and Álvaro de Luna

city ​​lights it’s a gift. When I wrote it was a song that was giving me a message, which is the same message that Dani Fernández, Álvaro de Luna and I give each other when we are trying to fix the world. “I called them and they gave me the gift of joining in on this song.”

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