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At the top of my lungs it is the title of OLLY’s new single (out November 3rd).

Born from the need to tell one’s story in an even deeper and more sincere way, “A Squarciagola” – written by Olly and produced by JVLI – tells of that feeling of immobility that paradoxically provokes the most deafening thoughts. A tangle of emotions that are often contradictory and difficult to decipher, but which are the reflection of a life that vibrates: even if inside me there is this chaos / here there is a silence that shouts at the top of my lungs / that people like me pretend / that it’s not hard, it’s not uphill, that it’s all life.

Olly says: “A Squarciagola” is my confusion following one of the most exciting and full periods I have ever experienced. It talks about the feeling of paralysis in the face of good moments, that feeling of having to feel strong emotions, but not being able to do so. Encountering something that is perhaps love and being afraid to face it, living the dream and not being able to embrace it. The sound is paradoxically a big party, as if to celebrate the fact of not being able to celebrate: folk sounds and rough verses.


The release in February of “Gira, Il Mondo Gira” – the repack of his latest EP – was the confirmation of his artistic vision and the public’s appreciation so much so that the double dates in the clubs of Milan and Rome and to start “IL MONDO GIRA TOUR” the summer dates organized and produced by Magellano Concerti which led him to perform in 16 dates throughout Italy.


Anticipation is growing for the closing event of “IL MONDO GIRA TOUR”, produced and organized by Magellano Concerti, which will be held on 10 December 2023 at the Fabrique in Milan. The event will be a big party one year after his participation in Sanremo Giovani, which opened the doors to the Italian Song Festival, made him known to the general public and allowed him to perform in increasingly larger venues : in Milan alone, in one year, Olly went from Arci Bellezza to Fabrique, through two sold outs at Magazzini Generali in the spring. From “Tutto Con Te” – the new single released on June 9th – to “Un’altra volta” and “L’Anima Balla” up to “Polvere” (Platinum record) the date at the Fabrique will be an opportunity to listen, sing and dance to the songs of the young Genoese singer.

DECEMBER 10, 2023 | MILAN @Fabrique

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