Review PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. (PIL) the gathering of post-youth in search of punk (Info & Schedule)

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Punk souls gathering in Milan for the only Italian concert by Public Image Ltd. (PiL). John Lydon’s legendary band sold out at Magazzini Generali.

Entering the Milan location it seemed like immersing oneself in a parallel punk universe but with a difference, only the soul of punk remained while the bodies were those of fifty- and sixty-year-olds who, having given up their work or parenting clothes, covered themselves in t -shirts, combat boots and leather jackets.

Some protected crests and many heads bald or whitened with age. All post young people with Peter Punk Syndrome

On stage like a preacher, the shaman, the great punk guru, John Lydon who, despite the signs of age, put on his show.

About an hour and a half where Lydon, between a series of fucks and anarchist sermons, still managed to hold his ground. A little stiff on stage he still held up great with his voice sounding rough and strident as per his style.

In the repertoire some new songs taken from his new album “End of World” and their best hits ever.

Outside the warehouses there is pouring water but the punk soul also protects from the rain.
An evening well spent… a good concert is always better than lounging on the sofa watching Big Brother!

SCORE: 7.25


John Lydon, Lu Edmonds, Scott Firth and Bruce Smith are still members of PiL today. This is the longest stable lineup in the band’s history.


Being Stupid Again
This Is Not A Love Song
Death Disco
The Room I Am In
Flowers of Romance
Car Chase
The Body

Public Image
(Leftfield cover)
He laughed



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